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20.02.2002, 20:48
With all the interest in Balto, is there anyone out there that actually DOES sledding, carting, working in harness, etc.? I've trained two dogs to work in harness with carting commands. What Balto actually did shouldn't be lost sight of because of an animated storyline. Sledding is no joke, and there are dogs out there that can pull a ton or so by themselves. Just wanted to know if anyone else appreciated reality. <i></i>

Azizi Wolf
21.02.2002, 13:50
I tryed to teach my dog to do pulling, but her old age made me give up. <i></i>

Larani the lioness
21.02.2002, 14:11
Once I tried to walk my hyperactive dog while riding on my mom's old sled. Didn't work too well.. 0.o ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

21.02.2002, 18:06
It's not a very popular hobby, I take it. Well, if anyone ever wants to learn how to do it, or needs help with it, they can ask me. <i></i>

Azzina pup
21.02.2002, 22:31
actually.. Balto is a true story... well based on a true story.. the first one is anyway. <i></i>

21.02.2002, 22:57
Well, yeah, of course. <i></i>

Azzina pup
21.02.2002, 22:59
Oh. I see what you are saying now.. I just read it wrong.. *grin* <i></i>

21.02.2002, 23:28
Heh. <i></i>

21.02.2002, 23:43
My old girl's no sled dog now, but when we were all younger, we hooked her up to a wagon and she had great fun pulling that. We made a nice harness and everything. Of course, all dogs in Canada are pullers 'cause we always have snow up here in the frozen north...or at least I'd like to think so, I love Canadian stereotypes, they're harmless. Really, all Charlotte's pulling was done in the warmth of summer.- NA <i></i>

22.02.2002, 01:29
That's cool. I don't know anybody, and I mean anybody, who even remotely does it. <i></i>

Azzina pup
22.02.2002, 02:09
I would.. if I had a sled dog (Husky!) and lived somewhere where it actually snowed... Instead I am stuck in windy, shi- umm.. crappy Oklahoma. *grin*Wonderful vocab I have eh? <i></i>

22.02.2002, 02:15
I live in Texas. It never snows here. Working with sleds is all well and good, but what about just straight harness? And my dog's a Rottweiler, not a husky. The other one was a German Shepard. (Even though, the instinct huskies have to pull sure is a nice thing to have around ). <i></i>

Azzina pup
22.02.2002, 02:22
Well.. ya gots bigger dog than me... one is a 8 pound mutt.. the other is a 11 pound mutt... and they are old... the 8 pound one is 8 and the 11 pound one 11.. hmm.. see a pattern there? Well... stupid mutts anyway... <i></i>