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10.03.2002, 02:58
Hey! Anybody out there looking for a nice friend? Well, I might be the one! <i></i>

The Sonic God
10.03.2002, 06:16
Kiarafan seems to have the same wishes. <i>President and CEO of UGC and TLK:UN</i><i></i>

10.03.2002, 16:29
Um...... excuse me, but its not Kierafan its Nalafan. <i></i>

10.03.2002, 19:23
If you need a friend, i can be found at my little Insasne Assylum at www.therostokempire.com. <i></i>

12.03.2002, 13:36
Just e-mail me if you need a friend! <i></i>

Lucifer kitty cat
14.03.2002, 11:57
everyone is my friend ...as long as they wont get scared and run away... hehehe... -----------------------------------<i>I WANNA MARRY TAICHI!</i><i></i>

16.03.2002, 21:37
*reads the post by lucifer kitty cat*ARGH! SCAREEE! O_O*runs off*hehehehe ^_~ <i></i>

Lucifer kitty cat
18.03.2002, 12:18
heh...now I'm scared... 6_9myself I mean.. I'm turning to some creepy freak in rl....... ok nm... >XD -----------------------------------<i>Have I ever told you that I'm a freak?</i><i></i>

19.03.2002, 15:48
Sure thing!........cant make any promises though <i></i>

20.03.2002, 00:24
*is hiding in a box**muffled* Are you still being all freaky? XDhehehehe.... <i></i>