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Snow wolf400
09.03.2002, 19:55
I need these things from you: 1: Must be a lion or a lioness. 2: What kind of lion or lioness (
eed, color, eyes). 3: Likes and Dislikes 4: BE FRIENDS!! <i>Edited by: Snow wolf400 at: 3/9/02 8:56:33 pm</i>

10.03.2002, 03:04
Hey! I will start a pride with u! I am a lioness. I am Sapphire I am a beautiful,jet black with a white sapphire shape on my back! I have blue eyes. And very nice! I love to make friends,and talk and hang out! I dont like to be alone or be bullied! And I will be your friend! princess <i></i>

10.03.2002, 15:11
Ok!Can you tell others too? that'll be a help!! Let me tell about myself: im pretty, tan, blued eyed Loiness. I love hanging out with My sister Star. also, Hunting with my family, swiming, sleeping, best of all, making new friends! whoops! i forgot to tell you my name: Kira Flower Lion. well, that's it for now! see ya! ~Nalafan~ <i></i>

10.03.2002, 19:32
Hello, i'm not joining, but wanted to say hello.So you know, i'm a humanoid lion from the Communist Rostok Empire found on the planet Palaxia II in the Palaxsis System in the Halo Galaxy(BTW: In real life i'm not a commy!!!!!! Just yer plain old democratic, lazy Canadian).Hope your pride works out... <i></i>

11.03.2002, 02:48
I'd join but I'm a tiger And another plain old lazy democratic Canadian Cheetahs never prosper ~ Zazu<i></i>

Mufasa 89
11.03.2002, 03:20
Cool I'll join. Let's see... first of all I'm a lioness( don't let the screen name fool you). I have pretty
onze gold fur and blue eyes. I like to make friends and hang out with them and do stuff. I hate being made fun of and being alone. <i></i>

13.03.2002, 21:20
I'll join. Lets see here I'm a lioness.I have dark blue eyes chestnut colored fur,I have a nose like Sarabi's bot its black like Scar's, I have three dark
own spots lined up in a row under each eye,my tail
ush is dark
own and I have a dark
own dorsal stripe starting at my nose and going down to the end of my back."Oh dear! I've said to much!" {Scar}Kazifasari <i></i>

American Pilot
22.03.2002, 02:16
i'll join! I'm tan, with hazel eyes, a
own nose, like Nala's, white paws, a black tuft on the end of my tail. I like chatting and hanging out, and I don't like being bullied. I'll tell ya about my mate later if you want me to. <i></i>

Kido the freedom lion
23.03.2002, 01:02
Ill join! Name: Kidocoat: reddish
ownmane: Bluespeices: lionsex: maleextras: American Flag cape around neck. i dont like snotty lions and lionesses, and i like free lions and lionesses. I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by !" Zira, give me your paw! Zira, come on. I'll help you!"<i></i>

23.03.2002, 01:42
Can I join too? ^_^;Where to start... Well, I'm a lion, I have sorta orange/gold/
onze fur, blue eyes, and a light
own nose. I am real friendly and of course, I always like making new friends ^.^ Anyway, as I said, I like to meet and make new friends, hang out with friends, sleep, hunt and swim and also have lots of fun too! I don't really like being alone a lot ^_^;; Aeba kenka shiteta ne, Nagaku isugita no ka na Iji wo hareba naosara, Sukima hirogaru bakari Kiss wo shitari dakiattari, Tabun sore de yokatta Atari mae no ai shikata mo, Zutto wasurete ita ne Shinjiaeru yorokobi mo kizu tsuke au kanashimi mo Itsuka ari no mama ni, Ai seru yo ni, time goes by... <i>Edited by: Pirogoeth at: 3/23/02 2:46:16 am</i>