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01.04.2002, 04:20
Today the CBC up here in winter land aired part one of their Trudeau mini-series, any other Canadians watch it? I thought it was really interesting, sometimes the truth is more dramatic than fiction.For those who have no idea who Pierre Elliot Trudeau was, he was the charismatic leader of Canada during the late 60s, 70s, and early 80s. He was controversial but almost universally respected. He made Canada what it is today, more or less. He has also become a myth for Canadians and his funeral in late 2000 was a major affair. I wish I had been born about 1950, I pine for the past and can only hope the future will be as interesting.- NA <i></i>

01.04.2002, 14:15
Nope I didn't watch it....I'm Canadian...I don't even know what it is....I know who Trudeau is but......ya <i></i>

01.04.2002, 16:21
Darn...I meant to watch it, but I missed it...oh well. <i></i>