Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : 'Lil question for 'te lot of you

Yukuva leopard
29.12.2001, 19:42
Can leopards join this rpg?

I was really intriged by this place, it is probably one of my favorite rps around.

Bejor Nexor
29.12.2001, 20:58
I would presume Leopard's could join this RPG. I dont see any reason why not. =)

The Sonic God
02.01.2002, 09:13
The Savannah isn't primarily lions, leopards are welcome as well. :)

Heck, crossbreeds are welcome, too!

02.01.2002, 22:03
I'm a cross breed fweeee! :D

The Sonic God
05.01.2002, 08:43
What would probably be most fascinating is a leopard-tiger crossbreed if that is at all possible.