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11.09.2001, 22:34
Hi all. I don't know if you know this yet. those of you who don't live in USA. Today 2 bildings where bombed and crashed into by planes. This is a tragity because my people died. One bilding bombed was the Pentigon.<
> I don't know if those of you care or not but, not too long ago Pacistan was also bombed.<
>Thank you. Please share your comments and griefs for the USA here!<
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11.09.2001, 22:43
just so ya know, there's already a thread for this in the general discussion "Cessna niner-five-one-four-Quebec, now three miles form MAVIS, turn left heading one-two-zero, maintain two thousand until established, cleared for the ILS runway niner approach."- official Air Traffic Control babble<i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
11.09.2001, 22:44
Read the "Have you guys heard...." thread under General Discussions.... <
>-Nukta <i></i>