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28.01.2002, 18:49
Astrid Lindgren, world famous writer of children's books<
>died today at the age of 94.<
>Her characters and herself were loved by generations<
>and her books have been translated to lots of languages.<
>It's just one thing that I'm disappointed about and that's<
>that she hasn't been given any Nobel Prize in her lifetime.<
>Those things can be given posthumous but it won't be the<
>But she did make a government fall back in the 70's.<
>And while I'm at it, I'm wondering where I can download<
>the full version of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 from 1994 or so....<
>"I'm a deaf, half-blind and completely mad old woman.<
>And I'm the one you've made Swede in the World 1997.<
>We'll have to make sure it doesn't reach the public,<
>otherwise they might think all Swedes are like this"<
>- Astrid Lindgren, at her 90th birthday <i></i>