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Bliss Da Lioness
09.02.2002, 19:38
What colors blend nicely together for a webpage or forum? Anybody have any nice colors that I can use? <i></i>

10.02.2002, 02:22
Try here: mrfunny.yi.org/ Commodore used a simlair colour scheme for the Commodore 64 computer in the late 80'ies/early 90'ies, so it must be good <
>I had another one, which was black with neongreen... YUCK! <i>"No matter where my life may lead,<
>No matter where I go,<
>The memory will still be there for me to hold."</i><
><i>"I'm writing down the words,<
>That's filling up my world,<
>Your name is spinning 'round in my head"</i>

Bliss Da Lioness
10.02.2002, 13:43
thanx mr. funny! <i></i>

The Sonic God
11.02.2002, 05:25
It's pretty much expiramentation and what immediately looks appealing. <i>President and CEO of UGC and TLK:UN</i><i></i>

King Kana
13.02.2002, 18:23
A good value are neighboring colors, like middleblue - lightblue - darkblue (for example)<
>You can use this sheme in blueviolet and add golden/yellow frames to itor a firey yellow-red-black combination, mixed up with eventually onrange,
ownorange tunes.<
>Or another exaple you go over green. Use a good backgroundpic and go from it's groundcolors for the rest.<
>Don't try to use more than 4 maincolors for it all.<
>You're the master of it in the end - you decide <i> ~Tani and Kana: This is our pride, it makes us, what we are~</i><i>Edited by: King Kana at: 2/13/02 7:27:07 pm<

Bliss Da Lioness
13.02.2002, 19:30
Thanx King Kana! <i></i>