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Bliss Da Lioness
17.03.2002, 13:06
What is the best way to get your site into a search engine? Balto 2 PawzMy Forum"You Have the right to remain silent, So please Shut UP""How can I miss you if you never go away?""Do NOT start with me, you will not win." "All Stressed out and no one to choke"<I>--Bliss</I><i></i>

17.03.2002, 20:35
You mean to make it show up in the found sites?<
>I suggest you write some words that a lot of<
>people write in search engines such as<
>sex stories, zoophilia, plastic ducks, lesbians,<
>kalasjnikov, Eddie meduza, Astrid Lindgren,<
>seal-safari, etc, etc Norqvist - psychotic lone wolf<i></i>

17.03.2002, 20:57
Or you could even register the site with a search engine and add META tags in the head. Then if people are looking for what was in the META tags the site would get found. Simple and actually works, Norqvist! <i></i>

17.03.2002, 21:59
>Follow the instuctions, and then be patient. "No matter where my life may lead,<
>No matter where I go,<
>The memory will still be there for me to hold.""I'm writing down the words,<
>That's filling up my world,<
>Your name is spinning 'round in my head"- Nikki Webster "The Best Days"- Nikki Webster "Boyt Inside My Heart"<i></i>