Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : need help with microsoft frontpage

19.03.2002, 16:46
Im designing a webpage right now(about TLK and MUCH more)<
>But its been like two years since i last worked with microsoft frontpage, can someone please remind me how to put frames into a page? <i></i>

19.03.2002, 20:24
Frames are evil... <
>But in FP 2000 you make a new page and selects a frame page in the dialog that pops up. (You must use file->New page) to make the dialog show up.<
>In FP 98 there's a menu called frames...<
>Don't ask about more specific instructions, It's probably more than 2 years since I used FP... I've been writing a LOT of PHP so I started to write all my websites in a plain text editor. It's just about as easy as it is to use frontpage (Once you've learned HTML ) and it gives you much more freedom than frontpage does. "No matter where my life may lead,<
>No matter where I go,<
>The memory will still be there for me to hold.""I'm writing down the words,<
>That's filling up my world,<
>Your name is spinning 'round in my head"- Nikki Webster "The Best Days"- Nikki Webster "Boyt Inside My Heart"<i></i>