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Pima Chanda
05.05.2002, 22:09
Did you know that your name means stupid/foolish in swahili?? <i></i>

05.05.2002, 22:12
What? thats what Jinga means? Lol thats funny <
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Pima Chanda
05.05.2002, 23:05
I know, I was looking for what stupid was in swahili, and that's what came up! he he! <i></i>

19.05.2002, 14:48
> I am going to KILL Diego! He made me my account! I am realy mad now! ....every one is laughing at me for something I didn't do! <i></i>

Shirie H
19.05.2002, 16:30
Calm down. It may mean something bad, but all and all, It's a perdy name! <i></i>

19.05.2002, 17:16
Yeah! it better than do
o.....mine sounds like a guy's name to me. "IT'S ALL OBI-WAN'S FAULT!! HE'S HOLDING ME BACK!!!!"Anikan Skywalker: Hayden <i></i>

20.05.2002, 16:18
> Well Do
o i know what your name means and it at least has a better meaning....and it doen't sound like a guys' name! <i></i>