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01.07.2002, 02:53
This has nothing to do with TLK, but thats what the Spam Corner's for, eh? Me and my dad are looking into getting either a MGB/GT or a Porsche 944. The years for both are a bit shaky; we're just not sure about the MG, and we've got several options for the Porsche. The MG is probably a 1972, got wire wheels, knockoff hubs. The one problem is that it's in a pretty bad shape, no paint left, somewhat unintact in places. The 944 would be in fair shape, probably a 1984 model. So, which one would you go for? So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb. ~Dark Helmet, Space Balls.<i></i>

The Sonic God
03.07.2002, 04:16
Hire lemonbusters and take a look at both cars. Overall score should determine. <i>Moshayana weso bo' itumele, ngwana weso bo' itumele. Tsatsi lahao lefihlile, ithabise! Sizo nqoba!<
>There is no knowledge that is not power, but power is nothing without control.</i><i></i>

03.07.2002, 20:52
We don't have any specific cars singled out yet. Although... We sort of do with the MGB/GT. It seems to be the only one for sale in the whole province. And talk about your fixer-uppers It's in reasonable shape; the engine was recently rebuilt, the body is sound, if paintless, the wheels are in good shape, but I don't believe any of them are actually attached to each other. But just say that both cars were in perfect shape. Which would you go for? <i></i>