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Alex Kile
06.08.2005, 12:28
it makes you wander about poeples inteliince

:D :D http://ralph.ninemsn.com.au/media/video/zebra.wmv :D :D

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06.08.2005, 13:03
incredible. how stupid must someone be to do this?

06.08.2005, 13:31
ah, Wildboyz. See, the whole point is that they *are* idiots ;)

06.08.2005, 16:33
I've never heard of those "Wildboyz" before.
Though the part with the lion cubs attacking "the zebra" really seemed to be dangerous.. why does somebody do something like this ? I have no idea...
I guess I prefer the jeep and keep beeing called "idiot" :P

06.08.2005, 18:05
Wildboyz is basically a spinoff from Jackass - the two guys Steve-O and Chris Pontius travel around the world to "study" animals. A different country/region is focused upon in each episode, and essentially all they do is get attacked by random wild animals.

Alex Kile
07.08.2005, 09:41
Im sorry I just could not help myself I had to put it up on the bord

07.08.2005, 09:44
I see... now that really a strange idea for a TV Show.. yet quite amusing.
Thank you for the explanation, Reepacheep.

07.08.2005, 13:01
Originally posted by Alex Kile
Im sorry I just could not help myself I had to put it up on the bord

oh i wasnt having a go :) dont worry!

and no probs kirauni, it can be quite funny at times, though one cant help wonder whether it really doesnt affect the animals as much as they say...

Alex Kile
07.08.2005, 13:03
At least a cub got her tophy. She seemed to be as proud as punch when she left with the zebras head. I ges now there would be lottle pieces of plastic and fake fur over the airia by now.

The Sonic God
15.08.2005, 06:11
Lioness: "Oh, lookie! A toy!"
Man: "Auuugh!"
Lioness: "Dibs on the head!"


Alex Kile
15.08.2005, 09:25

The Sonic God
18.08.2005, 08:04
At least this wasn't as stupid as that guy on Real TV poking a leopard with a stick...

18.08.2005, 23:09
I beg your aprdon but what exactely is "Real TV" ? Is it a kind of show ?
I've never heard of it before...

Alex Kile
19.08.2005, 01:52
thats just plane croul

The Sonic God
19.08.2005, 08:04
"Real TV" is just what it says, "reality television." It is an actual TV programme hosted by John Daly and Ahmad Rashad about video events that have been captured all over the world. "Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's funny, but it's always Real TV."

The Sonic God
05.09.2006, 07:05

05.09.2006, 09:32
Unfortunately, the link at the top of this topic is not working. I'll let you know that Justin uploaded the video on his webspace and you can have a look at it there :)

Thank you, Justin ^^

The Sonic God
06.09.2006, 07:03
I had forgotten about this old topic. Thanks for concatenating my topic with this one. ^^