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07.08.2005, 01:34
Excuse me, i'm new here.
Where can i post information about my character?
So can i be a human or only animals?

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07.08.2005, 10:11
Hello and welcome to the RPG section of this board.

I divided the thread into two different parts so that you can ask your questions right away, Legioner.

"Where to post infos on your character"

Well we don't have a specific area to post a character's bio.
You can enter a short description in your profile (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/usercp.php?sid=).
There the first button leads you to "Profil Edit (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/usercp.php?action=profile_edit)" where you can enter additional information. But don't write too much. It's just a short description and you write it in the field labeled with "User Text".

If you want to write more about your char just add a new topic in the RPG section with the name "About my character Legioner" or something like that and write down whatever you want to tell us about your char.

About human-beeings in our RPG

Concerning human-beeings in this RPG:
Some members like the idea, some other don't.
I guess if you really want to play a human-beeing that bad, feel free to start your own thread but please make clear to everyone that you are playing as a human-beeing. And keep in mind that this RPG takes place in "the savannah". That means you should not start an off topic RPG.
I like the way Alex handled his background story. He simply told the players he was originally humand and so they can decide if the want to join or not.
Just don't simply "drop" in other RPGs as a human-beeing.

I hope your questions have been answered, if not feel free to go on asking