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Petit Lion
11.08.2005, 02:11
I'm always interested in what sorts of pets people have. So, in this thread, I would love it if people could list their pets, and their names, gender, a description of what the animals looks like, and anything else of interest.

As for me, I have a male golden hamster. His hair is blond colored, and he has a white horizontal band going across his back, and a white belly. He also has pink ears and red eyes. The red eyes is a genetic thing in hamsters. Most hamsters have black eyes, but you get some non-albino hamsters with red eyes (it's a dominant gene). He's also a teddy bear hamster, so he's especially fuzzy and soft. He's about seven months old. My other pet is a male betta fish. His breed is known as a fantail, and he's blue colored with some red and green shading. I'm not sure how old he is, because he was an adult when I bought him at the petstore. But I think he's somewhere around 2 1/2 years old.

Alex Kile
11.08.2005, 05:59
1 cockatel, 1 budgie, 1 cat moggie or demestic short hair and two mops on legs verying sizes ( hairy dogs.) and fish

11.08.2005, 10:15
You all got very nice pets.
Now I'll tell you about mine.

First of all I really like cats.
Right now one cat named Kira shared a home with me.
She's about 2 years old and a european shorthair with completely black fur.
Hwoever when the sun shines in a special way on her coat you can see some dark stripes. I guess it must be in her genes, but normally she appears just black. One thing she really likes is playing. I've never seen such a lively cat in my whole life, and I've seen quite a few. Sometimes she seems to me more than a dog. You know she fetches things and kind of "barks" when a stranger comes by. This can be really funny.

This is Kira (http://www.pride-lands.de/stuff/bilder/kira.jpg)

Another animal that lived in our garden was "Taddeus" or like I would write his name "Taddšus". He is was my little rabbit and had a kind of "lion mane". Literally translated his races name means "Lion head rabbit". I don't know how it is called in English.
Unfortunately Taddeus died about half a year ago. :lionsad

Taddeus (http://www.pride-lands.de/stuff/bilder/taddaeus1.jpg)

Last but not least we have our birds. They were the greatest hobby of my father and when he died I took them kind of in and now I care for them.
He built a greenhouse the way a lot of birds can live in it. So all our birds live in a "bird house". And there are many, around 25 by now. But I really love them. Mainly canaries live in the house, but we also got zebra finches, green finches and rice finches and one kind of birds I don't know an english name for. But it's translated "rice finches", those are the grey and white birds with a red beak on the photo.

Helmut and Angela, my two favourite zebra finches (http://www.pride-lands.de/stuff/bilder/zebra.jpg)

Some other birds in the "Bird house" (http://www.pride-lands.de/stuff/bilder/birds.jpg)

That's why my husband and I are busy cleaning the house every saturday.
But it's worth it. =)
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of our green finches but of some other birds.

Well sorry for the long posting :skepsis

11.08.2005, 15:29
aw, youre all so lucky having some ace pets!

i dont have anything right now - though i do look after everyone elses pets, seeing as i work as a veterinary nurse! im considering buying a lizard (leopard gecko or a bearded dragon would be cool) or some fish - something low maintenence as i never really have the time to look after other things!

in the past i have had 1 syrian hamster ("Rover"), 1 russian hamster ("Puff"), 3 mice ("Banzai", "Shenzi" and "Ed" :D) and two rats ("Reepacheep" and "MuMu").

right now we kinda have a sarrogate ginger cat called "Sprog" which isnt ours, but sleeps in our house all the time - he belongs to our neighbour, but they dont mind as we're best friends with them, and they'd rather know where their cat is than for it to be in some random stranger's house! hes a beautiful stripey orange colour with white paws, white belly and his left back leg is nearly all white.

Petit Lion
12.08.2005, 02:22
Wow, Kiraunia, you sure have a big zoo! I wish I could have a lot of pets. But my parents say they don't want a zoo in the house. Anyway, that bunny rabbit is so cute! I like rabbits, and I want to eventually get one as a pet. I like cats too (the friendly ones, anyway), but I don't think I can ever get one, because I like small rodents. I can't tell you what "rice finch" is in English, though, as I don't know much about birds and I can't identify what kind of bird it is.

Reepacheep, if you want a low maintanance tropical fish, I recommend betta fish. They are among the most easiest to care for fish. However, they are very agressive towards others of their own species, and will rip each other apart, so you can only keep one in the same aquarium. And for coldwater fish, goldfish are probably easiest. You may want to do research regarding which animals need the least care.

White Lion
12.08.2005, 06:00
Animals that I have in my house..........

4 Standard poodles (30-50 pounds each)

1 golden retreiver

3 chiuahuah's ( my dad's)
tinker bell

1 rat

1 iguanna


12.08.2005, 10:15
thanks petit, i really dont know if i do want a pet, or that i just see all the cool animals at work then decide i want one *laughs* i think ill wait until i get a full time job, so whatever i choose ill be able to afford its upkeep :)

i did a search on betta fish - wow theyre pretty! ive always loved the thought of having a whole school of Neons (http://www.aquahobby.com/gallery/gneon.html) - theyre tiny and awesomely coloured, so would look dead cool all together!

white lion - wow!

Petit Lion
13.08.2005, 01:59
Ooooooh, neon tetras are also cool! And they come in different colors, so you have a lot of choice, and they're easy to care for. If you end up deciding to get fish, go for it. Regarding bettas, it's amazing to think that the wild betta is a drab, unimpressive little fish. But, over the centuries, they were selectively bred to the brightly colored, long-finned beauties that they are today. My betta's name is Betta-Max. He always gets excited when people walk by, is fascinated by the television, and begs for food when he's hungry. I never thought fish in general woudl be exciting, until I actually got one. When I get older, I would love to have one of those huge, 100 gallon tanks. It'd be so much fun (but a lot of work), and I could have all sorts of different types of fish living together.

White Lion, man, how could you have so many dogs? Do you live on a large piece of land? It must be really busy at your house! And where did you get your dogs? From an animal shelter, a breeder, or somewhere else? I like dogs a whole lot. Also, what types of fish do you have?

White Lion
13.08.2005, 06:00
We have an acre of land as our back yard and My mom breeds and shows standard poodles in agility and show ( only two of our poodles we breed) and my grandpa is a retired Vet/microbioligist/virologist and i forgot his forth phd. . We've also rescued various dogs from shelters. We built a HUGE sunroom/greenhouse onto the back of our house as a dog room. Two of the poodles useualy sleep in my room, the iguana is in the greenhouse in the summer and in my room during the winter. The chiuahuah's and one of the poodles useualy sleep with my parent's and sisters, the rat is in my sister's bathroom, the golden retriver and one of the poodles sleeps with my aunt And the fish tank is in my room. I have 2 oscar's, 2 red pacus and a shark.

We keep our pet's clean and give them lot's of love, I typicly spend most of my day with the animals. We keep our house very clean so we don't have one of those houses that you walk into and it smells. If you walk into the house you really can't smell the dogs at all. I grew up hanging around the auburn vet school as a kid and so did my mother so animals have always been in our lives and going into a job working with them is kind of a family tradition on my mom's side.......

I decided a few years ago to go into zoology and specilize in big cats so i'm carying on the traditon........

Petit Lion
14.08.2005, 02:40
Wow, what a zoo you have there! I'm glad to hear that you rescue dogs from animal shelters. I cannot comprehend why anyone buys dogs from a pet shop, but people actually do. Whenever I walk into my local shelter, it's so sad. There are all sorts of dogs and puppies, even purebreeds, that have been abandoned. Luckily, my local shelter has high adoption rates. About 97% of the animals get adopted out, so they essentially run as a no-kill shelter when it comes to adoptable animals. I guess that's a good sign, as to me it seems to me, given those rates, that most people in my area don't get dogs from pet stores. Anyway, I bet breeding dogs for shows is lots of fun! Puppies are so cute! Did you get any winners? And do you make a lot of money breeding show poodles?

Oh, I wanted to ask you something....what do you plan on doing with your zoology degree for big cats? Do you want to become a vet working in a zoo?

14.08.2005, 15:28
fish are very clever - i really dont get why they have the whole 5 second memory deely over them - you can train them for a start ^^. and yeah! selective breeding is an interesting thing - just like budgies - there are only yellow and green in the wild, but theyre managed to selectively bred for so many other varieties now!

hehe its funny to find in a community of no more than 10 active posters, we have 2 zoology degree furs (white lion and i) :D

White Lion
14.08.2005, 17:06
hehe its funny to find in a community of no more than 10 active posters, we have 2 zoology degree furs (white lion and i)

...............yep :D

I do plan on going to work for a zoo with big cats. 8)

here's another school i found.........Cat tales zoological training center (http://www.cattales.org/)

My mom has one tan poodle named Lexi which is winning a lot right now...........and the puppy's can run from anywhere from $1,500.00 - $2,500.00 U.S. Dollars.

14.08.2005, 17:51
I have
2 Cavelier King Charles Spaniel Dogs 1 of them is called Charlie and He is 2 and the other is called Alfie and he is 9 months.
1 white tabby cat called Ellie and she is 8.
1 Rabbit called snuffles and he is 3.
1 Guinea-pig callled Toffee and she is 4 years old.
And also one fish called Flo hehe

Love From Laura x x x x x

Petit Lion
15.08.2005, 02:00
Wow, show-quality poodles sure are expensive! Showing and breeding dogs for shows sure sounds like a fun hobby! Puppies are so adorable. But I bet it's a lot of work, though, to raise the dogs.

Wow, everyone here as a zillion animals! I'm so jealous! I'd love to have more pets. I'd like to have more fish, a rat, a bunny, and maybe a turtle. I think having a goldfish and koi pond would be loads of fun. Well, when I get older and get my own house, I can get all the pets I want.

The Sonic God
15.08.2005, 06:07
My house:

2 cats-
Oscar, 8, Orange Tabby
Pepper, 2, Black/Tan/White Tabby

My father's house:

2 dogs-
Woody, 1, Yorkshire Terrier (shorthair)
Bogey, 1/2, Yorkshire Terrier (wirehair)

My sister's house:

2 dogs-
Harley, 2, Sharpei/Black lab mix
Raven, 1/2 (recently adopted by another family), Black Lab/Husky mix

16.08.2005, 23:43
Just a cat at this moment - god knows how many cats, dogs and other assorted pets we had over the years though...

Petit Lion
17.08.2005, 03:29
Oh, I should probably mention, I got a "temporary" pet recently. I went to a nearby pond and caught a crayfish. I kept it for a week, and then re-released it in the exact spot where I first found it. I fed it fish food, which it clearly loved it. I plan on catching and re-releasing another crayfish soon. I'd love to keep one as a permanent pet. But I feel bad about taking an animal out of it's natural environment permanently, especially if it's a wild animal.

The Sonic God
18.08.2005, 08:03
Crayfish? Bah, I catch those to eat. Hahah!

Crayfish are just creatures meant to be eaten by bigger creatures... heck, my father fish's with them.

Alex Kile
18.08.2005, 08:05
i have not had yabbies in years

The Sonic God
18.08.2005, 08:06
I think I've heard Steve Irwin say "yabby" before. Your word for a lobster-like crustacean?

18.08.2005, 16:32
nothings "meant" to be eaten tsg, it just so happens that some niches have been created that rely on a certain animal as a food source...

The Sonic God
19.08.2005, 08:06
Then what the heck is an appendix for? lol

Back a long time ago, that organ served a purpose. It was designed to process raw meat. ;)

Alex Kile
19.08.2005, 09:43
Yabbie is a freshwater crayfish. I herd that the apendix was origenly for heavy plant metrial like grass and other things. Kawlas have a massive one as part of thair digestive system.

19.08.2005, 11:14
yeah alex is right, the appendix was for digesting cellulose (the stronger walls of plant cells) and can be still found in herbivorous mammals (Im pretty sure one of the 4 stomachs of a cow is an enlarged appendix-type structure). As humans diets have changed, the need for such an organ also disintegrated (though it is also thought that it has a role in the immune system - though this is still highly debated)

so, well, the truth is, the appendix isnt really for anything in humans, as far as we are aware.

I've just thought of a pet I really want. I giant african land snail. man, those things are cool! and it would gross out most of my friends :D

Petit Lion
20.08.2005, 02:37
Well, there are also some practical reasons why I can't keep a crayfish permanently. First of all, my parents won't let me have anymore pets ;). Also, I was keeping the crayfish in a big tupperware box, and put a number of rocks in that I found in the garden. I made the water about two inches deep. I soon found out that you need fancy aquarium equipment in order to keep a crayfish long-term. If you don't get the fancy equipment, you'd have to change the water everyday. I would change the water, and a day later, there would be a strong "fish" smell, and the water would stink. I guess without filtration and such shallow water, waste collects very quickly.

TSG, you eat crayfish? How do they taste? I could never eat a crayfish. They look so gross. Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone knows what purpose the tonsils served? And do any other animals have the equivalent of tonsils?

20.08.2005, 11:07
we have 10 or more gold fishes in our garden pool and my favorite one "fluppy" is a koi-carp. he is the best of all and over ten years old. when I hold his food into the pool he came to me and eat this out of my hands. thereby you can touch and fondle him. For me it seems to be that he really enjoy this, or only the food? I don't know.

Let me looking for pictures.

Alex Kile
20.08.2005, 11:20
souds like my old fish Bruce. Unforunetly he died about three mounths ago of fin rot.(He servived sevrel atacks of it.) He was about 20cm long when he died and six years old. But thats the breaks.

20.08.2005, 11:41
aww, sorry about your fish alex

hmm, tonsils... theyre a bit useless too huh? :D again, theyre kinda part of the immune system, helping to reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections and the like. i guess when they overwhelmed thats when ya get Tonsillitis!

21.08.2005, 20:17
Yeah, sorry Alex.

I have read that kois can get older than 100 years and the oldest one was 200 years old. I hope that I never see that my fish dies. He is the only pet I have, because my father has a allergy against dogs and cats. :(

The Sonic God
22.08.2005, 01:11
Originally posted by Petit Lion
TSG, you eat crayfish? How do they taste? I could never eat a crayfish. They look so gross. Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone knows what purpose the tonsils served? And do any other animals have the equivalent of tonsils?

Not very good. :p Some people like them, I do not.

12.09.2005, 18:00
As I am aware, the tonsils are a part of the lymphatic system. The help process waste and a plasma like fluid called 'Lymph' from the blood. They also pick up bacteria, and other pathogens (nasty stuff hat you don't want inside you) and send it for processing.

The Sonic God
14.09.2005, 09:30
So when the tonsils are removed... what will the body do to remove bacteria and pathogens?

14.09.2005, 11:25
same thing it does minus the tonsils - we still produce phlegm which captures most germs and other nasty things which we either swallow or cough up

delightful. :rolleyes:

14.09.2005, 12:32
The tonsils are a small part of the lymphatic system. Removing them is like spitting in the ocean. It makes no major change in anything.

Petit Lion
15.09.2005, 03:55
That's interesting! In all these years, I never knew what purpose the tonsils served, till now.

The Sonic God
15.09.2005, 05:54
So we can live on:

- No tonsils
- 1/4 of a kidney
- One lung
- No limbs
- No appendix
- Limited spinal cord function
- Limited brain function

But as soon as we lose our SINGLE heart or SINGLE brain, it's over.

But, I have seen some people miraculously live with no heart and no brain, so go figure. They're the bags of mostly water at the White House. :p

Alex Kile
15.09.2005, 15:17
Intresting fact tsg that if a lung is removed for some reason the other will grow to take its place

Petit Lion
25.09.2005, 22:58
To add to that list, I think you can also survive with a chunk of your liver missing.

25.09.2005, 23:27
you dont really need your spleen either. and technically you dont really need your voicebox. its just more desiraable ;)

26.09.2005, 00:14
You can really go with out a kidney either or your thyroid gland, parts of a pancreas, etc... Most of this is, however the result of modern medical technology.

Kind of interesting how we went from what pets we have to how to dissaemble a human however. :D

The Sonic God
26.09.2005, 08:06
Okay guys, I was just making a comment. We're off track. This is about what pets you have, not parts..

28.09.2005, 23:51
Sorry about that...

Anyways. I have 2 cats

Bella: 3 yrs (Abyssinian Mix)
Sassy: Blk/Wht Shorthair

I had a Sheltie/Spanial Mix, but he died back in May.

The Sonic God
29.09.2005, 10:02
You have such beautiful animals. I can see you take care of them so well.

29.09.2005, 16:58
Thank you, TSG.

Bella was an interesting case. I was doing some in-house foster care for some kittens while I was working at the Humane Society. At 4 weeks I didn't realize what she was a mix of. All her litter-mates were long hair grey tigers. I ended up keeping her after she devolpoed behavioral problems and my work could not place her with a familey.

Her and Sassy are my familey. don't know what I'd do with out them.

The Sonic God
01.10.2005, 06:09
The love for your furry family members knows no bounds.

I miss my two kitties Lucky and Monkey. Lucky was hit by a car and Monkey was put to sleep at the age of 22.

Scout the Playful cub
27.10.2005, 20:33
Me I only have a ten year old terrier named Sandy.http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/746/00000430ra.jpg

27.10.2005, 21:39
awwwwwwww shes adorable!

27.10.2005, 22:01
i got 2 dogs called walace and bruce they are scotties.

27.10.2005, 22:56
That's a cool looking Terrier, Scout.

28.10.2005, 01:15
I have a pomeranian named Sambu
More pictures of him here:

While Sambu is my precious, I've got a few other pets as well.
A dwarf hamster named Pippin (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/spiritwolf77/Photos/pippin1.jpg), and two dachshunds named Koby (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/spiritwolf77/Photos/kobyness.jpg) and Sylke (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/spiritwolf77/Photos/sylkedoom.jpg).

Originally posted by Cagain
i got 2 dogs called walace and bruce they are scotties.
Those names are adorably appropriate for scottie dogs Cagain. ;)

28.10.2005, 01:45
That's a nicly shot photo of Sylke, SW. Cute dogs, as well.

28.10.2005, 01:56
awww that dog is so cute it all fluffy *lol* wallace and bruce are scottish names i would take a picture of them but my webcam is weird. hey SW your dog has a cute name too. and dwarf hamsters are so cool

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:04
Originally posted by SpiritWolf77
I have a pomeranian named Sambu
More pictures of him here:

While Sambu is my precious, I've got a few other pets as well.
A dwarf hamster named Pippin (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/spiritwolf77/Photos/pippin1.jpg), and two dachshunds named Koby (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/spiritwolf77/Photos/kobyness.jpg) and Sylke (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/spiritwolf77/Photos/sylkedoom.jpg).

Originally posted by Cagain
i got 2 dogs called walace and bruce they are scotties.
Those names are adorably appropriate for scottie dogs Cagain. ;)

Wow, you've changed since I last sw you, CB. You've turned out to become a beautiful young lady. ^^

What a cute puppy, too!

28.10.2005, 02:14
whos CB?

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:15
SpiritWolf77. It's her initials, you can see that in the signatures of some of her artwork.

28.10.2005, 02:22
oh yeh stupid me cool ok

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:23
Do me one favour whilst you're here. Don't insult yourself. ;)

Have any photos of your pets?

28.10.2005, 02:28
ok i do its just im not so shore on how to put them on i have got photoshop 7 put i dont think that would help and they are black so it is hard to see them on a computer screen

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:41
If you want, send the original files to me to my email address justinreese@lionking.org with the subject (Image Help) and I'll convert the images to JPEGs for you.

Scout the Playful cub
28.10.2005, 03:11
Originally posted by Cobalt
That's a cool looking Terrier, Scout.

Thanks Cobalt and reepacheep. :)

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 03:32
Speaking of non-human family members, my GF KristynLioness just got a new kitten today. She named her "Overcoming Darkness," or "Ovda" for short. I don't have any pics of the kitten yet, but I'll see if I can't get her to post a few. :)

28.10.2005, 08:08
Originally posted by Cagainwallace and bruce are scottish names i would take a picture of them but my webcam is weird.l
Yup, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. That's why I commented on the names being cute. I'm sort of a big fan of all things scottish and therefore a bit of a scottish history buff. ;)

Originally posted by The Sonic God
Wow, you've changed since I last sw you, CB. You've turned out to become a beautiful young lady. ^^

What a cute puppy, too!
Aww, thank you TSG.

28.10.2005, 10:29
cool i like scottland but i have been there only once

The Sonic God
29.10.2005, 00:50
How far is Scotland from where you live, Cargain?

@CB: I've admired you for years. I still do.

29.10.2005, 12:07
i dont now i live in birmingham so i think it is about 400 miles

01.11.2005, 21:01
I have a cat named Poppy. Sheís a black and white common shorthair. My family picked her up from the RSPCA. They had rescued her from a family that had been mistreating her. Her white fur was grey when we first had her.

As it turned out, Poppy was the runt of her litter, and the family who took her in, had a new born child that they discovered was allergic to cats. So instead of getting her re-homed, they kicked her etc to keep her away. X(

Now, of course, she has none of that, but is still very jumpy to any sudden noises, and doesnít always like being touched. She doesnít meow properly, either. :(

Weíve had her for eight years and she is much happier now, even if she is still shy of us, from time to time. :)

The most noticeable marking on her is she has an almost purrfect (sorry) map of Australia across her nose! :D

Poppy (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v135/Oxlade/100A0010.jpg)

01.11.2005, 21:04
I've never seen a cat with such an outstanding marking *gg*

Well I'm glad Poppy found a new home. Families with kids really can be cruel sometimes :(

The Sonic God
01.11.2005, 23:50
"Poppy?" What a cute name! ^^

You have such an adorable kitty. :)

Alex Kile
02.11.2005, 10:38
I have a cat named smokey

02.11.2005, 10:54
Originally posted by The Sonic God
"Poppy?" What a cute name! ^^

You have such an adorable kitty. :)

Thanks SG. You can't see it in the photo I provided, but she has a red collar. ;)

02.11.2005, 12:21
Very nice, Albus. Those are some very distinct markings. I see what you mean regarding the map.

02.11.2005, 15:24
the oz map on poppys nose is brilliant :D!

07.11.2005, 19:19
i had a cat called muffin but he got to an old age of 19 and got cancer so i had him put down :(

The Sonic God
14.11.2005, 22:55
I know how you feel. One of the oldest cats that has ever blessed my family was Monkey. She died at the age of 22.

17.11.2005, 16:08
awww thats sad wow 22 thats old poor cat :( :(

18.11.2005, 01:39
talking of pets... im in the process of "rescuing" a leopard gecko...

18.11.2005, 02:56

Sounds interesting. Let me know how it goes.

18.11.2005, 14:00
shall doo :) atm were trying to get hold of the gecko owner again - she wants her two rehomed and I said I'd take one - ill be getting the whole tank set up and stuff which is awesome! but shes gone away for a few days, sooo i dont think anything will come of it until next week now

The Sonic God
22.11.2005, 03:15
Geckoes are the strangest amphibians... I held a few of them, but I swear they're not from this world...

22.11.2005, 06:18
"Not from this world " ? Now you have to explain this... What is so special about Geckoes ? I mean I've never held one of them so I probably know nothing about them.

22.11.2005, 06:22
Two words, tsg: Duckbilled Platypus. I'm still convinced that those things are the result of a genetic resercher being drunk and deciding to toy with speices creation. :)

22.11.2005, 22:19
Kirauni, this is a leopard gecko (theyre actually reptiles tsg :)):


This is one we had in at the vets a few months ago :) theyre gorgeous! :D Update: the lady is brining it in to work next week sometime, so i should get it then *excited*

The Sonic God
23.11.2005, 06:08
Oh, goodness, I'm thinking of a skink, then. My bad. XD

I don't like anything that is not warm-blooded, but I will tolerate them.

30.11.2005, 06:03
Thank you for the picture Reepacheep. It really looks cute somehow... I wonder what it feels like X'D

I think taking a photo of it must have been very hard for I imagine them to be quite quick...

30.11.2005, 12:15
hehe he was acutally quite a good critter, he kept still for a lot of it - although they are pretty fast runners they have a safety mechanism in which they tail falls off and keeps moving, so the predator eats that thinking they have the lizard.. wheres the res of the gecko will run away ;) it also means you have to be careful handling them otherwise you end up with a tail spearated from a gecko :D
i love their mischeivous grins they always seem to have... it jsut looks like hes about to go do something naughty! and they feel very strange - sort of rubbery with little bumps along them

*still waiting for the lady to bring it in*

02.12.2005, 21:33

Yaaay! here is my new baby :) I have decided to call him Emo, hes an 8 year old male leopard gecko, and is absolutely beautiful :) I am so chuffed!

02.12.2005, 21:46
awwwwwwwww that is so cute

The Sonic God
17.12.2005, 23:16
Cute? Are you kidding me? That's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

Alex Kile
18.12.2005, 00:01
You know that the male platipus is poisonous and the female lays eggs.

18.12.2005, 17:10
Originally posted by The Sonic God
Cute? Are you kidding me? That's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

you obviously havent seen many of the worlds strange animals then ;)!!

The Sonic God
21.12.2005, 06:34
Originally posted by Reepacheep

Originally posted by The Sonic God
Cute? Are you kidding me? That's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

you obviously havent seen many of the worlds strange animals then ;)!!

I disagree. Jellyfish are weird. And poisonous.

21.12.2005, 11:05
Coral is weirder, in my opinion. An animal that looks like a plant and can not move about. And whatís more, when a rival coral gets too near to another, one will eat the other alive. ?(

The Sonic God
31.12.2005, 07:07
I doubt that anyone here has pet coral or pet jellyfish.

Any kind of non-human family member that lives in the water isn't particularly exciting. I like interacting with them, holding them. You can't really hold a jellyfish. :p

Pet geckos, skinks, chameleons... why? They're so strange. And all they eat are bugs.

31.12.2005, 12:01
Some people donít have time to look after, what you would call interesting, animals SG.

It is possible to hold a Jellyfish, but interact with it? No, not really.

Pet geckos, skinks and chameleons maybe strange to you, but others really like them. I wouldn't personally keep one, but Iím still fascinated by them (but then Iím fascinated by most animals).

All they eat are bugs?! Whatís wrong with that?

The Sonic God
01.01.2006, 07:33
Okay, sure, get technical.

I will be forever weirded out by non-warm-blooded creatures. That's just me.

White Lion
04.01.2006, 19:57
when I was in Florida for a year and a half while my dad was on TDY I had a bunch of pet coral :rolleyes: It was in a 100 gallon saltwater tank with a bunch of fish :)

I also had a 60lb. Iguanna until I found out I was a;lergic to it and gave it to a friend who already had one and wanted another. Last i heard from him the iguanna had gotten to 130 lbs. I wish I still had him and wasn't alergic. :(

The Sonic God
05.01.2006, 12:29
How and in what way did you become allergic to an iguana?

You might have allergies to all reptiles...

05.01.2006, 14:42
we have a cuban iguana in at work atm - hes already managed to gouge most of one of the vets skin off his arm 8o. iguanas hold a lot of toxins and bacteria, in particularly in their mouths (for when they bite).... what sort of allergic reaction did you get from it?

The Sonic God
06.01.2006, 08:09
Here is my girlfriend's cat, Ovda... did I show him yet?


White Lion
06.01.2006, 08:31
When iguanna's shed there scales they produce a dustlike substince from the scales. I'm alergic to that, vet called it iguanna dandrif :P.
My eye's start wattering and my nose starts running, just as if i got into contact with a lot of pollen. reptiles that shed all there skin in one pice like snakes i don't have a problem with.

and as far as iguanna's biting people goes i have pics somewhere of a person that a iguanna bit off a guy's nose and striped his right thumb of all flesh :(

That's a cute kitty :)

06.01.2006, 11:08
aah of course WL, that sucks :(

we had another iggy in a few months back that nearly bit a vets thumb off - it wasnt a pretty sight!

cute kitty :)

The Sonic God
06.01.2006, 11:49
Yeah, I thought that Ovda is cute, too. Ovda is short for "Overcoming Darkness." Cobalt believes him to be a flare-point siamese, and I believe that he's correct. The vet thinks he's a mix, part siamese.

When I flew down to see Ovda for the first time, the poor kitty was covered in fleas! I did what I could to rid him of the little bastards, so we got the flea comb, flea shampoo, and local medication.

But those fleas were so bad that Ovda needed a vet's help. So we went to the vet days later and got some advantage.

We pulled off nearly fifty fleas from his body. O_O

Ovda is now flea-free, thanks to me... and the vet. ^^;

Alex Kile
06.01.2006, 12:57
Reep hows your gecko coming along.

06.01.2006, 19:49
TSG, make sure that kristyn also treats her house for fleas, with a flea spray (which youll be able to get from a vets too) - because if you find them on your animal, its 99% certain youll find them in the house now!

Emo's cool thanks, Alex :) i saw him catch a locust yesterday evening - its amazing to watch the little guy hunt... hes a fast mover when he wants to be ^^

Alex Kile
06.01.2006, 22:20
I was at one stage wanting to get a water skink. Thay are about the size of emo from the pictures

The Sonic God
14.01.2006, 00:52
Originally posted by Reepacheep
TSG, make sure that kristyn also treats her house for fleas, with a flea spray (which youll be able to get from a vets too) - because if you find them on your animal, its 99% certain youll find them in the house now!

Most certainly in consideration. I'll have her running the vacuum, too.

31.01.2006, 02:12
I have 5 guinea pigs and a rat

Rueben and Mohave-parents
Spot, ZigZag or Ziggy, and Drostan are the babies

Rascal-my rat


this picture has Rueb and Mohave's other baby, Baby, but she passed away back in October

I don't have a pic of my rat tho..but he looks like this

hope they don't mind me borrowing the pic *smiles

Petit-I used to have a crayfish too..his name was Crawdaddy(I know original but I couldn't think of another name) he died tho:(

31.01.2006, 04:23
Wow. Cute Guinea Pigs, Kyr. I used to have 1 Guinea Pig and 3 Rabbits. I do have to say that I think Rat's make good pets, in spite of what everyone says.

31.01.2006, 05:33
Yeah, I just went and got a snack and my piggies think they're going to get treats when they hear a bag...so Mohave (the mother) started screaming! She sounded like she was being hurt when I tried to touch her...she does that everyonce in awhile and it's hilarous!

Anyways..I do think my rat is a good pet...I don't know about many others. he is very smart..will come most of the time to his name and comes to the cage to get a treat. he knows he gets 3 of the little treats I give him so he'll get one in his mouth and use his hands to grab the other 2, it's cute. he also will run and jump at me like my ferrets used to and bits my arm after he grabs it with his hands.
He's only bit me like once too.

I taught my nephew to not stick his fingers by the cage because that's how he bit me. So, he'll go to the cage and say, "bite!". He doesn't do that to the guinea pigs because they don't bite and hurt most of the time, except Rueben (he's a meanie!)

I forgot to show you all a picture of Mohave and Rueben...that's the address to my website if you'd like to see them

31.01.2006, 16:11
hehe theyre funky guineas :D your ratty looks likes my old pet rat, Reepacheep! rats make awesome pets, i defy anyone to say they dont!

01.02.2006, 19:36
Oh, I'd have to agree with you. Rats make completly great pets. They way more intellegent then people think they are.

The Sonic God
02.02.2006, 03:02
My sister had a pet rat of that particular breed. She named her "Sparkles" for whatever reason that may be. Unfortunately, Sparkles died of cancer about 4 years later.

02.02.2006, 10:26
yeah, rats are all too prone to tumours... both my rats died of them

06.02.2006, 18:13
I know this is crazy w/me having all my piggies and the rat but I got a german shepherd puppy! She's absolutely adorable! I just took her over and let her play w/my neighbor's puppy who is about her size. She loved my sister's dog yesterday and my nephews kitten. He kept saying, "I want kitty!" because Shela (the puppy-I didn't name her) kept jumping and pinning the kitten. It was funny to watch. Our chow/golden retriever and cat used to do the same thing all the time.

I want to get a pic of her and as soon as I do I'll let you all see her.

So far, my rat seems to be okay tho. He loves getting out and playing w/the piggies but he usually keeps to himself more since he is kindof afraid of Mohave.

06.02.2006, 23:12
I have a pet dog :), She's a black Labrador and her name is Tara :D

here's a pic http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b340/Rawrboi/kyoot600.jpg

07.02.2006, 05:37
Cute puppy!

I think most puppies are adorable...
I don't have a pic of mine yet but she looks kinda like this one


Shela has a white tip on her tail tho..hard to see at times tho

The Sonic God
11.02.2006, 07:09
Tripod doesn't like remote hosting. Host an HTML file first with the image on it, then link to the HTML file.

Woody and Bogey, my Dad's Yorkies:
(Large image, 2448x1632 JPG)

12.02.2006, 04:05
Lesee, These are all the pets i've had.. (will mark if I still have them)

Penny -A Sheltie
Timon - A Silky Terrier (Still Here)
Nipper - A Cocker Mix
Sammy - Tabby Cat
Kenta - Black Cat (Still Here)
Lucky - A White cat with spots. (Still here)
Duo - A Tortieshell cat (Still here)
Mikey - A Guinea Pig
Michaelangelo - A Guinea Pig)
Michelangelo - yeah another G.Pig
Splinter - White Mouse
Pippin - White Mouse
Peppy - White Mouse
Shadow - B/W Rat (still here.. unfortunately for the poor thing =( )
Creame - White and Tan Rat
Ernie - A Conure bird (Still here)
Beauty - Parakeet
Blue Sky - Parakeet
Yellow-Green parakeet
Tons of Fish

LMAO.... I'd love to have a Ferret someday. That's probably about the closest we'll ever be able to having an actual meerkat ... *snickers*

12.02.2006, 14:38
Over here, in the UK, it is legal to keep meerkats as pets. =) I must say Iíd love to have one (or two) someday, but they are quite hard to look after - they are, after all, very territorial.

Hereís an old news article (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2541795.stm) about one in the UK.

16.02.2006, 04:56
Unfortunately I gave Shila away yesterday. I felt it was better for her, since I don't have a lot of time to spend with her. I did get some pics tho!!


There's one of her....

here's one of my rat, Rascal


I told him he had to come to the edge of the cage so I could see him and I'd give him a treat. They truly are smart animals!

22.02.2006, 16:03
i have a westie called Holly here is a picture of her i hope it works

copy and paste it

22.02.2006, 16:10
a mac user ^^

you have to upload the picture, if you want that someone see it.

22.02.2006, 17:57
yeah i am. it wont let me upload the picture because it is too big. i will ask my brother to make it smaller for me later

24.02.2006, 12:16
I've got a little green yellow budgie called Yoshi! ^^ He's a little bit crazy but sooo cuddly... But he's ill, he has got a kind of cancer on his wing. But it's not so bad. He often flies just into a wall but he's okay! :lionbiggrin I love him...

anything spicy
26.02.2006, 17:43
I have 12 rats!
Their names are:



They are adorable animmals even though most people I know hate them

The Sonic God
27.02.2006, 04:51
Originally posted by s-tlk
a mac user ^^

you have to upload the picture, if you want that someone see it.

Lang leben der Macintosh!

Oh, BTW, my Dad's Yorkie's. ^^

(643KB, 2448x1632)

28.02.2006, 00:21
my pets are 2 miniature wolly mamoths. *drops them both onto the floor with a loud thud*
the black one is hugger and the black and white one is snap.

plus my lil hermit crab or chaos, raul.

The Sonic God
28.02.2006, 08:22
Miniature wooly mammoth? Would those even be legal to own? lol

01.03.2006, 18:10
my pets are 2 miniature wolly mamoths. *drops them both onto the floor with a loud thud*

Oh come on, Hugger and Snap are big kitties alright but they are a bit short of mammoth size.

I have four kitties: Frisky, Bugg, Freeway and Domino and two rats... err, chihuahuas: Dora and Zeke (also known as the "cujo duo").

The Sonic God
03.03.2006, 11:46
Two cats that I have, or have had, are Pepper and General, weighing in at a massive 16 pounds a piece. Around 7 kilos, I'm guessing.

anything spicy
17.04.2006, 09:50
I dont have twelve rats anymore, Now I just have 10 :(

03.05.2006, 20:44
Cute pets everyone :)

I used to have 2 dwarf bunnies, but had to give one away.

I know still have her:

And my kitty:

14.05.2006, 12:04
I have two cats, Mucki and Sepperl:









I would love to have a dog =)
And a cheetah but that's another story *g*

The Sonic God
15.05.2006, 07:32
Leo, du machst eine ausgezeichnet Fotografin. (You make an excellent photographer.) :) I really love those pictures of your cats.

18.05.2006, 18:46
My rat died last weekend so I'm down to my 5 piggies.

My babies (Spot, Drostan, and ZigZag) are 3 years old today!!


The Sonic God
19.05.2006, 22:33
I'm sorry to hear about your rat. We used to have a pet rat, too, named "Sparkles."

Rodents are great pets, especially when you don't want to eat the garnish from your restaurant food. They love parsley or lettuce. ^^

20.05.2006, 02:52
Thanks, Sonic! I wasn't very close to him but he was smart! He'd come when he was called...had him for just over a year.. his name was Rascal. I just didn't have a lot of time to spend w/him because he didn't get along w/my male guinea pigs...or rather they didn't get along with him..specially my oldest one, Rueben. So I'd have to let him out w/the girls and had to watch that cause he'd go where the piggies arent supposed to be! lol...he didn't chew on things like they did and naturally where he went they could chew on things! So I tried to let them out seperately but that just wasn't fun for him I'm sure.

I wanted to see if I could get my sister to take him but didn't get a chance to. he got sick and w/in a couple of days he was too far gone. i was on the phone w/my friend and told him I had to go cause I thought he was already dead...was very sad tho!

Now I just have the goofy piggies :)

anything spicy
20.05.2006, 07:23
down to nine rats-Jasper died.

23.05.2006, 15:40
Thats no fair...Sorry about your loss

anything spicy
23.05.2006, 18:04
I love rats. I dont see why people think their horrible animals.
Heres a photo Of Jemima. Im ofscreen with the Tigers head on a stick.


heres Martha in the food bowl. I think she thought the hammock would make a good nest :rolleyes:


And heres my Oscar. Died on the 17th December 2005 :(


I don't know were the other pictures are. I cant find them on the website my parents made.

23.05.2006, 19:49
they are adorable ^_^!!!!!

23.05.2006, 21:35
They are adorable!! I love the middle one..she's so cute :)

On the far right is the pic of my rat...he died in April tho

The Sonic God
24.05.2006, 01:53
Makre sure to keep the number of posted images to a minimum, or use thumbnails, please.

anything spicy
24.05.2006, 16:04
Awww. Hes so sweet!

Sarabi Bubbles
30.05.2006, 02:42
Ehm, nobody has posted in a few days, but i decided to post here ANYWAY because my pets are the most important things in my life.

I'll start with my rats since we just got off of the topic of spicy's rats. I have 2 rats, Cecilia, who is black and white, and Tuna who is brownishy... My 3rd rat George unfortunately passed on last week. RIP George.
I also have a teddy bear hamster named Leonardo. He's Tan and white and fat. My guinnea pig Sir Boris was originally my sister's, but was left to me after she passed away.

I have 3 cats, Two-Toes, who is grey and white, Chief who is extremely poofy and a very odd shade of brown, and a tan kitty named Sarabi. =) My mother and I found them at the town dump, and of course didnt leave them there!

I have a Border-Collie named Luke, who is very sweet and your basic black and white. He's unusually mellow for a border-collie. I also have a little Papillon named Oliver, who is also black and white. We have a brown doberman pinscher named Socrates. They say dobermans are viscious, but Soccy(as we like to call him) is the sweetest dog i've ever owned. We also have a Norwegian Elkhound named Rocky, a mutt named Star, and a very old greyhound named Luna, because she's very pale and mysterious looking.

I also have a horse named Bella Notte, a potbellied pig named Pumbaa, and a cockatiel named Chance, who is actually grey and white. Bella Notte we got when she was already pretty old. She was a rescue, along with most of our dogs, except for Oliver and Socrates. They were gifts.

Oh, we also have 3 goldfish, Tango(girl), Limbo, and Marvin(both boys), and a Beta fish named Killer(my dad named him.)

I had an iguana, but he passed on last month. His name was X.

You guys probably think my house smells like a barn, but it really doesnt. We take very good care of our animals, bathing the dogs once a week, and the cats every couple of weeks. The cages get cleaned every other week, and my grandparents help out with tending the barn. We teach them all ourselves, no obediance school or anything. And we dont feed them any human food except the dogs get beef and eggs. It's good for their coats! And of course we're constantly cleaning the house, but it's worth it. I love my animals. lol, sorry for the long post, you dont have to read it. =P

31.05.2006, 15:38
Wow! That is a lot of animals. My sister has an iguana and we just got a bigger cage from one of my coworkers. He loves it! Has so much room he can actually run in it!
People used to think me having 6 guinea pigs was bad...they weren't that much and it's nothing to clean the cages (only have 2 cages-but they're about 3 1/2 feet long)

31.05.2006, 21:28
there isnt a set mount of anials which is a good or bad thing - as long as you can cope with the number you have, then thats as many as you can keep :)

01.06.2006, 06:04
I agree Reep...I thought it was funny how people were telling me it's too many....I (knock on wood) have never had a problem with that many...I had a rat at the same time and now have a rabbit..temporarily...and a puppy but had to give her up...I'm sure you've prolly read that reply *smiles

As long as theyre well taken care of and not neglected and all they're happy I'm sure *smiles

The Sonic God
02.06.2006, 05:16
My two kitties still keep me company to this day. :)

anything spicy
12.06.2006, 15:57
Martha died yesterday :(

Sarabi Bubbles
13.06.2006, 01:41
Oh, I'm so sorry. For me, one of the hardest things to go through is the loss of a pet. Especially one I'm very close to.

May Martha rest in peace.

The Sonic God
14.06.2006, 00:27
Originally posted by anything_spicy
Martha died yesterday :(

My sincerest condolences for your loss. I've lost family pets, too, and believe you me, it's hard to let go of someone you loved for so long.

26.06.2006, 21:58
i have a goldfish called , (unorignaly)simba
and im gettin another black one which will be called ozzy
(my dads idea)

The Sonic God
27.06.2006, 07:16
My sister just got a new bunny! His name is Gizmo:


27.06.2006, 10:04
Holy hell TSG, I thought you were a kind of computer whizz? I've seen so many typos off of you in just a few days, but in a link? For shame!! :P


P.S. you can edit your link and delete this post if the mod gods wish :)

27.06.2006, 10:13

oooh fluffay bunneh! XD hes very cute

27.06.2006, 19:25
I've got a dog, a cat and a budgie (parakeet for US types. ^^)

A complete food chain. =P

Here's the dog and cat anyway...


27.06.2006, 20:41
budgies and parakeets are different things, shoka... parakeets are like miniature parrots basically, and budges, are, well, budgies!

sorry im pedantic ;) i work with em! lol

your pets are so cute, your dog is adorable! he looks so shocked to be snapped :D

27.06.2006, 20:45
Well, alright I'm using the more slang type american term then. =P I'm sure I've heard budgies referred to as parakeets by people in the US before... Either way, we know what we both mean. XD

The Sonic God
29.06.2006, 20:01
I apologize for the typos, I was multitasking heavily during that post. Seems I've been haunted by the typo demon... especially since the new USB keyboard doesn't like my old Mac for some reason.

08.08.2006, 17:48
i haved one turtle but he or she sthinked and i change it for fishs.

thats my storry

colbat you got great animals

ones i got a turtle but shes died

Edited by Kirauni:
Two posts were put into one.

The Sonic God
09.08.2006, 22:08
My new pet:



(Well, she's not really a "pet." lol)

15.08.2006, 11:29
So I guess it's my turn. I have only one pet.It's a dog called Raia. In Bulgarian we use the same word for heaven. Sometimes humans can take this name too. Blaaa blaa ...Ooops, did I bore you? Sorry. So that is my dog.
Yep she is a pitbull. But don't worry, she doesn't eat people. She is a very spoiled, soft dog and a very slimy fellow.:lionhappy For everybody who got scared - the second picture was taken while she was yawning. :lionbiggrin I like showing this picture. :D It always makes a strange impression. :P

15.08.2006, 11:39
- wow The Sonic God your dog or what is it is like lion. shes great
(lion or dog)

-and nataliecat your dog is also graet. i like dogs. i would like to have one dog or maybe two. for me and faruk(dark_lion)

15.08.2006, 11:57
Thank you. =)I like my dog very much. And I hope you both will have a dog(s) :)
By the way The Sonic God your pet is very cool. Some time ago I wanted to adopt an animal from the zoo too but my parents didn't let me.

15.08.2006, 12:25
Thanks Natalicat.

I also wanted to adopt animal from the zoo,but the same problem is with me as natalicat

15.08.2006, 15:38
my parents adopted a leopard gecko for me at London zoo on my 18th birthday :) never did i think id acutally get one of my own 4 years later!

cute doggie natalicat!

15.08.2006, 16:26
Thank's Reepacheep :) and I'm glad for you. It must be interesting having a pet in the zoo. =)

15.08.2006, 17:47
wow. i didnt se that you spicy got 12 rats wow. thats great. i dont like rats but your rats are super super. i would like to have one rat;)

The Sonic God
15.08.2006, 19:23
Originally posted by red_lion
- wow The Sonic God your dog or what is it is like lion. shes great
(lion or dog)

The post was a joke. I don't actually have a pet lioness. ;)

15.08.2006, 19:48
Originally posted by natalicat
Thank's Reepacheep :) and I'm glad for you. It must be interesting having a pet in the zoo. =)

aah, it was only for a year, i got to visit him several times :)

but now i have my own so its a lot cheaper if i was to see him ;)

The Sonic God
17.08.2006, 22:30

A friend of my brother's came in our house to show off his new boxer puppy. I forgot his name...

18.08.2006, 00:39
Hes so cute =)

The Sonic God
18.08.2006, 03:40
I think that the puppy is only four weeks old in that picture... in a years time, that pup is going to get BIG...

19.08.2006, 21:11
Hm... I've got two little, and hungry guinea pigs.

Wicke (left); Mickie (right)

The Sonic God
19.08.2006, 23:47
Yeah, da guiney piggy! I see so many guinea pigs as pets nowadays, even guinea pigs and rabbits together. Generally a low-maintenance pet, though the thing I don't like about them is that they have a tendancy to do their business on you if you hold them too often.

20.08.2006, 02:55
Vita they are super.One of these days I must take a picture of my turtles and put it

30.08.2006, 13:59
wow vita there are so cute so so cute:). like youhaha

03.09.2006, 20:38
I have two dogs,
a fish and a hamster!!
Its name is Ricky!!!
The dogs names are
Cookie Dough and M&M!!

05.09.2006, 00:18
This is my puppy!!!

22.03.2010, 17:35
I apologise for bumping this topic after so much time, but it seemed daft to start a new one when this existed already.

Iím sorry to say that my little cat Poppy died today. You can read about it here (http://albus-meerkat.livejournal.com/43823.html) in my LJ if you want to know more.

On a happier note, there is a high chance there will soon be a new little cat.

25.03.2010, 20:15
At the moment I have 2 cats, they are both British Short-hairs black and white version. They are called Fudge and Bond. Me and my family were going to call one James and then the other one Bond but I think it would of sounded a bit weird shouting "James....Bond" out of the back door. I used to have a rabbit called Snowy and 2 goldfish called Spot and Dot, sadly Spot died but Dot lived for an almighty 6 years which I am proud of. She probably died of shock when we got the cats. Sorry to hear about your cat Albus. Did you have a funeral? I had a funeral for my goldfish.

Nayla Lusitana
26.03.2010, 15:52
I have one Cat
Its name ist Strolchi .
He have very much names , but i called always Strolchi

Sorry for my bad english

Darth Chomper
27.03.2010, 12:35
My cat was killed :(

27.03.2010, 18:31
I you don't mind me asking, how?

01.04.2010, 22:23
I have a new little cat called Rosie. ^^ You can read up about her in my LJ here (http://albus-meerkat.livejournal.com/44040.html).

@Amy: No, I didnít have a funeral for Poppy. She was put down and cremated at the vets. I didnít stay to watch her being put down - I didnít want to scar the memory of her with it. I am, however, planning to make a little wooden plaque for her, and to grow some poppies in the garden.

02.04.2010, 07:06
I have two cats, one is 11 years old and the other is 6 months old. Yeah big gap lol. :lol:
I used to have two rabbits but sadly one of them died last week.... ;(

07.04.2010, 16:55
I think thats very nice, I didn't bury my goldfish exactly, my cats could of dug her up! My cats are weird anyway. I made a special box for her, but I don't know what happened next, my Dad did something with her. Do you know what? My goldfish lived for 6 years!!! :baby: I cried all night when she died, I even stayed off school the next day. ;(

To Amanda: It seems everybody's pets are dying!!!! Sorry about your rabbit. :(

18.04.2010, 20:05
I have:
7 Horses
Donau Woge
Willi Winzig
Many Goats
All of them have names but... Tey are too manny to tell them.
4 Cats
1 Guinea Pig
1 Rabbit

18.04.2010, 21:30
Cats rule, no doubt about it. I very badly wish I could have a cat, preferably two, but I can`t the way I live now. I`m renting an apartment and the owner said indirectly that I can`t have pets.

I`ve had two cats during my childhood, one was a female that one day just vanished, and the second was a male who one day got run over.

11.06.2010, 21:47
I have just bought 2 Border Collie puppies (1 male, 1 female, brother and sister)! I have called the girl Misty and the boy Max, they are 2 months and a week old today.

09.11.2010, 21:20
I have a hamster and a parrot.....Hamster is female and her name is Dusty and my Parrot is also female [I guess] and her name is Jocky....
Well....she isn't really mine but my father's,some family friend gave her to him for his birthday....bat he is too busy with works so he doesn't take care of it....so I do.... :D
I also had a bunny under my care....She's my friends but I took care of it 'couse my friend and her family had to go on a holiday...and had no one else to take care of the lil' guy sooo....anyway his name is Gricko [Serbian for biter]
I want to get myself a cat or a dog but I'm afreid I'm still not responsible enough for it....