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White Lion
21.08.2005, 07:15
I figured i'd start a thread for people to post there instant messenger name/contact if they wanted to chat with each other.

mine are as fallows:

MSN : whitelion@ilovelions.com

AIM: Mielikkis lion

Alex Kile
21.08.2005, 12:51
Ok I added you to my list there. mine is

MSN: simba191@hotmail.com
AIM: alex the lion2
I wander if there is a therd starting up here HHMMMM.

21.08.2005, 16:47
MSN: Chano@arto.dk
AIM: mrfunnydk1

I rarely use AIM.

The Sonic God
22.08.2005, 01:13
These are mine. If you add me, you will not be able to contact me unless I add you as well.

AIM: The Sonic God (online everday)
AIM-Ex: SonicGod01 (online roaming)
Yahoo: thesonicgod (rarely online)
MSN: justinreese@earthlink.net (rarely online)
ICQ: 19619516 (May no longer be online due to spam robots.)

22.08.2005, 11:11
Normally, you should get infos like AIM and ICQ as well in the profile of a user, so make sure to enter those things if you want to be contacted by someone.

I'll make this topic sticky, because it's very interesting.

Kirauni on ICQ: 82798359
AIM: KirauniUtosi

But due to work I'm rarely online with those. So if you want to contact me really badly you can still write a PM to me.


22.08.2005, 15:03
I don't know what you want to achieve with this thread.
Why don't you use the profil of the special person, that you want to contact. If somone don't fill this information in his profil you can be cartain that he doesn't write his AIM, ICQ number, or what ever, here.

22.08.2005, 22:20
It's much easier to look here, than it is to look in, say 20 peoples profiles..

Alex Kile
22.08.2005, 23:00
I'd agree

23.08.2005, 09:20
ok. you're right. I bend to the majority. *bows* :)

The Sonic God
24.08.2005, 04:02
Well, this is a topic that kind of says "I want people to contact me."

Just having the information in a profile isn't an incentive to be contacted through those means. I would only go into a profile if I needed to private message a user.

12.09.2005, 20:52
What can I say? I'm good at following the majority.

MSN: Cobalt_027@hotmail.com (almost always on-line)

17.09.2005, 03:46
And now appearing on AIM!

AIM: Cobalt317

The Sonic God
17.09.2005, 08:28
Oh, just so people know, if you do plan to contact me over IM, please PM me first here so that I can add you to my list. People will not see me online unless they are in my list.

01.10.2005, 07:14
Sorry, everyone. I've had to remove mine because I've been having problems with spammers.
My apologies to everyone.

The Lone Nomad
31.10.2005, 03:40
AIM = Jennys Theme

IM me, I'm friendly! :)


10.11.2005, 22:50
Hmm... I've been told recently that I should get MSN IM... so I might. But, until then, here's me:

AIM: willannmarieJ

11.11.2005, 20:18
MSN: dragonfire7g@hotmail.com

ICQ: 329821860
(Please PM me first so that I know to allow you Ė New to ICQ)

Google Talk: albus.meerkat@googlemail.com

I vary from frequently online to rarely online, for all of them, so if you want to talk, either catch me if you see me online, or PM me in advance.

Oh, and I should warn you, I sometimes reply rather slowly due to my dyslexia. Iím especially slow for some abbreviations too, so please bear with me.

Donít let this put you off, thoughÖ I may be slow, but I donít bite. :D

(If you donít have a Google mail address, but would like one, PM me as I have 100 invites).

11.11.2005, 22:22
Okay. I added everyone to my contact lists in the appropreate programs. I think I've said hello to some people already.

Albus: What do you think of Google mail? I've heard a lot about them but never used them.

11.11.2005, 22:51
Itís quite good, actually. It's fast on sending etc and good for searching for contacts etc. (naturally). There's no time limit to how long you have before you must check your mail, either.

The Google Talk messenger isn't much different from other messengers, really. The best bit is the voice chat; there's rarely a delay in the signal.

I personally donít voice chat very often, but itís nice to have the option and know thereís a 99% chance it will work properly.

Itís still at the test stage at the moment, so I expect it will improve. This also means that a lot of e-mail (googlemail) names haven't been claimed yet, so this is a good time to join them if you want a higher chance of getting the address you'd like. :)

11.11.2005, 23:41
Originally posted by Albus
(If you donít have a Google mail address, but would like one, PM me as I have 100 invites).

You have 100 invites too? Wow, what a surprise :P

15.11.2005, 18:43
i've got MSN and Yahoo now.

YIM: willowamj

MSN: OhSqueamish1 @ hotmail.com


White Lion
03.02.2006, 03:22
for anyone who's intrested I know have skype :D

skype: theroaringlion

03.02.2006, 05:52
I think I have these in my profile but I use

AIM Kyra Maisha

MSN Kyratwl@hotmail.com

YIM Zilchdomino (I don't use this much but sometimes you can catch me there. I almost always use AIM tho!)

06.02.2006, 14:07
Originally posted by White Lion
for anyone who's intrested I know have skype :D

Oh yeah. I forgot about that one! Thanks for reminding me.

Skype ID: Cobalt_027

12.02.2006, 04:23
Just a Heads up before I give out my info. I sometimes don't answer right away as i'm really busy at times, another is that if you do IM me, please let me know who you are and if you're from here. *laughs* I get so many IM's...it's hard to tell if it's one of my old friends with a new SN or if it's actually someone new! ^__^;

AIM: GazTheGameSlave (I've really gotta change this some time)
YIM: Caleena_Elf
MSN: Fur_Foot @ hotmail.com

The Sonic God
12.02.2006, 08:04
Skype: The Sonic God -or- FirstPrioityMortgage

12.02.2006, 11:20
Just for the Skype users I added a new profile field where you can enter your Skype Screenname.
ATTENTION: The new field is right above "location" in your profile.
This way you can check if someone uses skype or not.

13.02.2006, 05:14
Great stuff. I'm on Skype on a pretty consistant now seeing as I've been usiit for in-game chat.

The Sonic God
16.08.2006, 03:49

Before you add me to your lists, the following must happen first:

1. I must have your username, otherwise you will not see me online (AIM) or you will be unable to contact me (other).
2. Make sure that your IM handle's alias DOES NOT CHANGE. If it does, you will receive an administrator warning that you could not be identified. I will not be able to see nor respond to your messages.
3. I do not respond to continuous messaging. I'm very busy. Send me only one message. If you continue to bug me, you'll be blocked. Please be patient.

29.08.2006, 10:46
My contact information:

(ICQ: 336357846) (only from time2time)
skype: uvok.ch337ah
jabber/XMPP: uvok@jabber.org / uvok@jabme.de

Oh, I forgot: You may have to wait a little time until I allow you to communicate with me! (sorry for that). I'm not logging in so often..

13.12.2006, 16:24
Msn: xxcova101xx@hotmail.co.uk

gah is yahoo even worth it??

13.12.2006, 20:34
I think soo :D

MSN Messenger : faruk.brkic@gmail.com (nickname : Dark_lion (farry) foxxy ) lol

Skype : I think Dark_lion...I think sooo.I am not sure

14.12.2006, 04:27
Cova: Added to contact list, and I think YIM isn't too bad, assuming you have a few contacts. I run A multi-IM platform system called Trillian, since I have scattered contacts on pretty much all forms of IM these days, for when i have time to get on. As far as one over the other, I think at the core they're really all about the same. More or less personal preferance, and where your friends are.

14.12.2006, 11:47
:) okies, but running so many IM's is anoying and slow this being 3rd hand laptop <.<

I'm looking into that trillian thing...seems it can be downloaded on download.com...lol i do hope they have your permission if you run it :S

29.01.2007, 21:00
If ye wish to contact me, feel free to do so at big_p_712@hotmail.com (Name: Big P)

17.04.2007, 18:42
ooh i want more contacts!

AIM: krow_sorrow
MSN: nkshier@hotmail.com
YIM: Krow_Jakalope

22.04.2008, 21:09

there's mine... i've just been on an msn adding rampage so sorry if you just gets some random dude add you. that's me

23.04.2008, 17:37
Originally posted by josh_down
there's mine... i've just been on an msn adding rampage so sorry if you just gets some random dude add you. that's me
I can't see how you could be any more random than the 10 or so russian people who added me on ICQ over the weekend... scary. Thought the russian mafia was after me :(

Well I'll add my details, I get a bit sporadic when I'm on though due to work.

MSN: mafriki(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk
AIM: Mafriki Prower
Y!M: mafriki_prower

01.06.2008, 14:53
Now I've also an Jabber account:

Don't know what it is?:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Messaging_and_Presence_Protocol or

The Sonic God
14.05.2009, 22:41
I don't know who here wanted to add me to their list, but if you do send an authorization request, please tell me who you are, or you won't get accepted!

14.05.2009, 23:19
There was recently a lot of noise on icq. Therefore I removed my uin from this board here and luckily it stops then. Maybe you experience the same? Most of them try to get your authorization and then say nothing any further or spam you back to the stone age. -.-

My Jabber id is the same as my Mail address: s-tlk@s-tlk.org

28.06.2009, 20:34
AIM: iaganatzi
MSN: andy@huntedcow.com

The Sonic God
08.07.2009, 18:23
I have to say, I don't login to my instant messenger services very often, anymore. I mean no disrespect to my friends by not being online, but I get bombarded by so many messages at once that I can't get anything done. X_X

The worst part of IM now is that spam bots are finding ways around privacy filters, and somehow getting through to me asking me if I should visit their tasteless websites.

Golden Fox
31.10.2009, 04:50
AIM: GoldenFox711

MSN: golden-fox_flame@hotmail.com

Skype: GoldenFox17

Go nuts, and maul me. I'm available. :D

Happy Halloween, everyone. Sorry that I've been gone for a while. And I really those two pics below; Vampire Timon, and Vatani Witch.

30.04.2010, 16:31
mine is liongirlamy@hotmail.com, don't hack me, don't send spam. i'd like to make friends, i aren't meeting up with anyone.

30.04.2010, 17:31
Uhmmm due to certain security settings your e-mail is not displayed properly. Just to let you know :)

11.06.2010, 16:29
Oh yeah, mine has hotmail.com on the end