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13.09.2005, 22:33
Just found this article in the local newspaper here. It is on Do-It-Yourself African Safari's (for animal viewing) and how do do it cheap.

Link to the Detroit Free Pess Article

The Sonic God
14.09.2005, 09:21
Thank you for the article, Cobalt. Simba1PDX and I are working on trying to build a cat sanctuary, but it may not be an "adventure-seeking" tourist attraction. It will be more for the cats, and we'll be a part of breeding programmes.

14.09.2005, 12:28
Sorry if that came across wrong. The post was not intended to be taken like that. I just posted it as an intersting article that I found.

I used to work at a private santuary for large cats, so I wish you the best of luck.

The Sonic God
15.09.2005, 06:00
Oh, the article is interesting. I don't know who you were asking, though.

It has been said by a friend of mine that running a cat sanctuary can be horribly expensive, an annual expense of $100,000/year per cat.

15.09.2005, 15:07
That sounds about right. Last Hope Sanctuary where I worked was constantly dealing with budget issues. (We had 2 Bengal Tigers, and 2 Lions as well as an assortment of tranisiants.)