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15.09.2005, 11:01
I found this amazing site which lists books with animal stories as well as movies with and about animals.

Maybe you know books that have not been listed yet ?
Or you just want to see what other books or movies about animals are out there ?

Then have a look and take your time :kirauni

The Sonic God
16.09.2005, 04:29
Well, first, I'd like to know what the URL to the amazing site that you're talking about is, Kirauni. :)

16.09.2005, 13:01
http://furbooks.furbase.de/pic/Banner.jpg (http://furbooks.furbase.de)

16.09.2005, 13:20
*lol* Yeah I forgot to mention that. I posted the link in the portal under "other pages" yet I didn't think of typing it here again. Thanks for pointing that out and thank you Windfire for letting the others know :kirauni

16.09.2005, 17:15
Cool website. I spent a while browing it.
By the way: the above link just leads to the banner for the site. The part: ~/pic/Banner.jpg needs to be removed in order for it to work prperly. (In case anyone had trouble using it.) :)

16.09.2005, 17:20
Thank you Cobald. I edited it and now it should work. I'm glad you like the site :)

The Sonic God
17.09.2005, 09:33
I don't get into enough reading as it is. I took a look at the site, looks pretty cool. Is there any favourites amongst the listed material that you think people should read?

17.09.2005, 13:13
Well to put it in a nutshell, I think people should read what they are interested in. ;) No really when I'm in a book store I have a look around and see if anything catches by interest. Then I buy the book and read it.

That's why I like the webpage. You can search for books according to your interests.

The Sonic God
18.09.2005, 03:35
Perhaps you could sway me into a direction you think would be good? To be honest, I get lost in book stores. Even bored. Most likely because of the fact that I don't like to read (ironic, since I'm an internet junkie). I did get into a few books by Tom Clancy, but only because a friend of mine insisted that I should read it. ;)

18.09.2005, 09:30
I'm probably not the best person to recommed reading material (I read referance books for leisure) but I personaly find that sometimes getting lost in a book store is often a good way to spend an evening. Find somethong you like and roll with it.

P.S. If you liked Tom Clancy, you might like Dale Brown. Same genre, but even more tecno-gadgets. Just a thought.

13.10.2005, 16:35
Does Lion Boy count as a furbook or not? It is about a boy who is able to speak Cat language and helped a pride of circus lions to escape from captivity while searching for his parents.

On a sidenote, I never got to read most of the books listed in the website due to the fact they are not and highly doubtful it will ever be popular over here. Are they worth reading or not?

13.10.2005, 16:45
Well "Lion Boy" has lions in it, that's why I would submit it to Furbooks if I knew something about it ;)

I can only tell you things I told The Sonic God before. Some books are worth reading, some are not. But this depends on your interests.
I prefer reading books where animals play the leading role and where human-beeings are not mentioned or if they are mentioned they have to play a small part.
For example: i saw the book "Lion Boy" in a bookstore a year ago but I didn't want to buy it simply because the story did not catch my attention.
But takes can be different. In any case I would recommend you to read the "chonicles" of Narnia. I don't know if they are in Furbooks, if not I'd have to add them sooner or later. One of the books will be shown in theaters in December.
Humans-beeings play a major role there but the books still captured my heart ;)

13.10.2005, 16:56
I had read the Chronicles of Narnia before. I noticed that the stories seemed to be heavy on Christianity. It was pretty ok to me, something to reread once in a while. Maybe I would have like it more if I had read it at a younger age though.

20.10.2005, 15:56
Sorry for the double post. I recently found a website which contain several continuous stories about an anthropomorphic crew of a space freighter called the Blue Horizon. They were a blast to read through. I would definitely recommend them to you guys. The website is horizon.dennier.com if you guys are interested in checking it out.