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Alex Kile
16.09.2005, 08:43
I must ask do any of you guys have big cats as pets?

16.09.2005, 13:05
I just split the topic.
But it's an interesting question.
Reading that some of you even work with big cats makes me jealous.
No I don't have any big cats for pets. Unfortunately on one hand but on the other I don't think if I could care for them. You know big cats are not simplay "pets". I mean they need a lot more care the "normal" pets, at least that's what I think. Just imagine when one big cat gets ill.. you can't just carry it to the vet ;)

16.09.2005, 14:05
i would not even consider having a big cat for a "pet" - the though is simply wrong. If people start demandiing such animals as pets, the impact this will have on their populations and well being where people will start to sell such creatures on a black market, taking them from the wild, breeding them in foul conditions will be horrific.

wild animals should never be pets.

im not talking about sancturies - animals should not be considered pets in such a facility as they have obviously been rescued from "pet owners" and the like and being given a better chance at being what they should have been - wild animals.

White Lion
16.09.2005, 15:22
I fully agree with reepacheap...............

I just consider all the cats at the refuge I work at as my relitives ;)

16.09.2005, 16:09
I'm really going to have to side with evryone else. I spent way too much time working with big cats at rescue orgs to ever consider haveing one as a pet. I just have too much respect for the species to do that.

16.09.2005, 18:26
PLUS, who really wants a pet that is likely to bite your face off??

Alex Kile
16.09.2005, 23:26
I was poseing a question.

The Sonic God
17.09.2005, 08:30
Having big cats for pets is generally not a good idea unless you're trained and licensed to care for them.

For right now, I'll cherish and love my little Oscar. :)

22.09.2005, 23:24
I'm sorry.. but who or what is your little oscar, TSG ?

And I think Reepacheep came up with reasonable thoughts. I guess it depends on what you can call "pet". In german we translate "pet" as "house animal" literally.
Of course you can't have a wild animal living in your house.
Okay, I have to admit I don't know the laws of your countries but in germany it's not permitted as far as I know.

The Sonic God
23.09.2005, 04:42
@ Kirauni: Das wort für "pet," es ist "Haustier," oder "Liebling?" Ich glaube "haustier," aber ich muss verstehen Deutsche Grammatik bessere im das zukunft. Oh, und dies ist mein Katz, Oscar:


In English: The word for "pet," is it "Haustier," or "Liebling?" I believe "haustier," but I must understand German grammar better in the future. Oh, and this is my cat, Oscar:

23.09.2005, 11:03
Yes "Haustier" means "house animal" or as you would call it "pet".
"Liebling" is "Darling".

You Oscar looks really cute. But you can write in English here... at least we are in the English-speaking section ;)
I don't want to puzzle others.

it's just that I don't have any associations with the word "pet" but with "house animal" or "Haustier" you get the idea what the word means.

So how do you call animals living in a sanctuary that you take care of ? Do they have a special name or are they called "pets" as well ?

The Sonic God
26.09.2005, 08:13
First off, this is just my personal opinion, though some may not agree, but the word "pet" to me is negative, because it refers your animal as property, and not part of the family. I will always consider Oscar part of my family, and I love him dearly.

As for a big cat, you may call them a "pet," as they are under your care and supervision. The word "pet," of course, is better than "exhibit."

"Pet," as translated by dict.leo.org, is "haustier," listed as a #1 result. "Liebling" wouldn't be entirely incorrect, either, as people in America adore their pets, like "darlings." ;)

26.09.2005, 15:35
i use the word compainion animal, as it refers more to a close friend rather than a restrained animal...

Alex Kile
27.09.2005, 13:17
I only used the word pet because it was easy to spell.

The Sonic God
28.09.2005, 05:35
Originally posted by Alex Kile
I only used the word pet because it was easy to spell.

Then how come people misspell the word "the" all of the time?

Teh? Teh-he... teh-heee...


When it comes to my animal companions, there is no limit to the level of care and love that I give them. :)

Alex Kile
28.09.2005, 11:01
It's called not reading it before i poast it.

28.09.2005, 17:25
sometimes i use teh on purpose XD

though most of the time i typo it :rolleyes:

28.09.2005, 18:25
Some of the most common typos include:

the (teh)
have (hvae)
just (jsut)
remember (rember)
Mssing lettrs
and apostraphe usage (do'nt, etc...)
and misused words...

So, I don't thing any of us are alone in this regard.

The Sonic God
29.09.2005, 10:11
Back to the topic on big cats...

If I were just to raise one big cat, maybe a snow leopard or lion... would such be possible or recommended? Have a large house, and a huge area for the big cat to call home, and a large backyard to play?

29.09.2005, 17:06
My personal experiance is that, while, having a large house and property would make this possible, it would not be recomended. The northern area of the Detroit suburbs is still mostly country (about 30 mi. North of the city.)

There was a case of a person raising a Serval in their house, and I being discovered after the owner called 911 because it had bitten the owner rather badly, unprovoked. This was made worse when the serval proceeded to bite an Armada,(Mi) police officer who responded with the ambulance.

So, while I think it is possible, I just can't see keeping something like that as a companion animal.

The Sonic God
30.09.2005, 07:29
Cats can and do bite out of playfulness. We just fail to realise their strength.

30.09.2005, 16:41
Exactly. It's just that some people fail to realize this before taking on larger cats. A lion or tiger is going to leave one heck of a bite wound.

01.10.2005, 00:40
i know that all too well from domestic kitties - i am sporting a very nice scratch and bite wound on my hands from a uncooperative cat i had to restrain at work the other day...

multiply it by a hell of a lot and you have a lion. and id have no hands lieft.

White Lion
01.10.2005, 01:13
*looks at his right thigh*

yeah, even young ones can leave one hell of a mark.

The Sonic God
01.10.2005, 06:03
One guy reported on Animal Planet got his knee injured just from having a tiger brush up against his side. He didn't see it coming, I guess.

Sometimes I think that even the big cats are not aware of their massive strength.

01.10.2005, 12:39
Just a real quick one. Tigers are huge. How do you not see one coming?

Alex Kile
01.10.2005, 12:42
I know that my brother steve would love a tiger

And go the tigers for the nrl grandfinal in rugby leuge.

01.10.2005, 23:03
I reckon big cats "dont know their own strength" only when it comes to dealing other species. Other lions and tigers assumeably can deal with one anothers strength, but when they come to 'play' with humans, then they must think were of a similar matched strength, so dont think to soften the blow.

The Sonic God
02.10.2005, 06:28
"The thing is that you have to understand that they're just like housecats, only that their instincts are greatly amplified."

Imagine your kitty waking you up in the morning with a soft purr.

Now image a tiger.


02.10.2005, 10:06
youd be shaken out of bed *laughs*

02.10.2005, 20:34
My one cat likes to sleep on my chest at night. I'm just trying to imagine that happining with a 600lb tiger. I think I'd shatter.

02.10.2005, 21:40
i agree! i have enough trouble sleeping if i find a cat asleep on me!

02.10.2005, 22:27
Doubly so if it turns out that it's not your cat. :D

The Sonic God
03.10.2005, 10:46
I believe Siegfried und Roy tried that. Didn't work out so well.

A big cat can never be a "pet." She will be your responsibility, so you have to care for her, and make sure that she gets everything she needs.

Has anyone watched animal planet? Even raising the tigers and cubs, they became almost impossible to handle at just one year of age! (Not to mention they weighed about the same as an average person, with 3 times the strength.)

03.10.2005, 11:23
Originally posted by Cobalt
Doubly so if it turns out that it's not your cat. :D

hahaha! yeah!! except i know this cat, its not just a random one ;) its a neighbours cat whom were really good friend with (the neighbours, not the cat.. well, we are.. you get the idea *laughs*)

04.10.2005, 02:33
Don't worry, Reep. I know what you mean. :)

The Sonic God
04.10.2005, 09:14
Actually... um... I'm lost. @_X

Not friends with a cat? Blasphemy!

04.10.2005, 14:36
Originally posted by The Sonic God
Not friends with a cat? Blasphemy!

No. Nothing like that, tsg. I love my cats. I'm just saying that I'd be a little alarmed if I woke up one morning and found someone else's cat sleeping with me.

My neighbors cat used to be outside all the time, but I haven't seen the cat or the neighbors in over a month. I think they moved.

The Sonic God
05.10.2005, 06:45
I suppose it would be alarming if I went to bed one night, and the next morning a tiger, a leopard, and a cheetah were all on my bed... smothering me.

05.10.2005, 07:53
for me this sounds like a nice, but dangerous imagination. :D

But I don't believe that someone, with a "normal" life and payment would held big cats at home. I think this is a stupid and expensive idea.

and you need a lot of permissions and a great area.

The Sonic God
05.10.2005, 11:22
You need to be registered and licensed by the DNR here if you want to have big cats in your home, and they need to be cared for by a licensed vet on a regular basis.

Alex Kile
05.10.2005, 11:42
Thair are a lot of storyes going round that poeaple do have them as pets.

05.10.2005, 12:08
I've seen that there are people who do keep them as pets. Mostly people with too much time and money. I just really can't see keeping something like that as a pet.

The Sonic God
06.10.2005, 10:59
Well, if you're single without any kids and a lot of money to blow, I guess owning a big cat is an idea...

13.10.2005, 15:45
Well, owning big cats cost a lot of money (eg food, health, large area for them to wander about), so it is not a feasible idea to most people. Even if one is finicially capable, most will quickly find out big cats are pretty hard to take care of and don't really work well as pets which the end result is normally the poor animals get abandoned by their owners and had to be rescued. I would think they are better off in the wild where they clearly belong.

The Sonic God
14.10.2005, 12:55
It becomes a power struggle.

A housecat may be resistant at times, but they eventually fear the human. (Some exceptions are my old cat, Patches, whom was given away after he bit my mother. I root for the cat for my mother's disobediance.)

A tiger, or any big cat, will not recognize a human as something to fear. They can quite possibly befriend, but if there is but a single moment of struggle, the tiger will win. (Siegfried and Roy know all too well.)

27.10.2005, 19:32
That's the problem with keeping a wild animal as a pet. Sometimes people will own one because they think it'd be fun, but don't really realize what kind of work it is. That's how so many wild animals end up tied outside zoos, or captured after mauling their owners, etc. We have a place here in California called The Wildlife Waystation. It's a wild animal rescue facility and it's really kind of sad. A lot of the animals that are there were brought in because someone tried to raise them as a pet, discovered that it was harder than they thought, and then abandoned them. And usually these animals can't be released back into the wild because they've never learned any proper survival tactics.

The simple fact that so many people have trouble caring for a -dog- which is probably the most typical house pet out there, proves that it requires a special understanding, training, and skill to raise a wild animal, especially something as powerful as a big cat.

Honestly, I think lisences should be required for owning any animal. Owners should have to pass some sort of test proving that they are capable of properly caring for a pet (then again, I think the same should be required for raising a child). I volunteer at a dog rescue and it's truely saddening to see how many animals are neglected, abused, and abandoned.

27.10.2005, 22:52
my sisters friend works in a zoo thingy and he looks after lion cubs they are really cute i got to see them once put now i think they might be a bit bigger *lol* any way he looks after them and they are just like kittens if they are looked after from a young age.

27.10.2005, 23:01
I'd have to fully agree with you, SW. I used to work for an animal shelter here in Michigan, and the number of people who would bring in their own pets and just give them up for, what I thought, were some really stupid reasons. It would be good to see some kind of law requireing testing before owning pets. The big problem is enforcing exsisting laws. From my work in the shelters wildlife devision, and some volunteer work for a few years at a Animal Sacttuary the cared for Great Cats and other varietes of wildcats, even the existing laws do not stop people from trying to keep large cats as pets.

28.10.2005, 01:29
i think if some one looks after them and can look after them than that is fine put if people just have them for show i think that is just stupid

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:13
The moment you disrespect their ability, it becomes a problem beyond handling.

Not to knock on the Masters of the Impossible, but Siegfried and Roy know all too well...

Even the best of trainers can run into disaster.

28.10.2005, 02:25
true true i guess so

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:27
Did anyone see that Animal Planet episode on the "Awesome Pawsome?"

28.10.2005, 02:29
nope sorry

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:35
Hmm, well when you get the chance, go to animal.discovery.com. Really quite a good site.

28.10.2005, 03:08
Wow, I have a story that goes perfectly with this. A guy in Indiana was found with "24 tigers, six leopards, a mountain lion, four bears and a lemur on his property." I read it in our local newspaper, and it amazes me how something like this went unnoticed. Read on, my friends.... (it's just the first part)


The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 03:35

I had to stop at the second paragraph... that news story made me feel really horrible, hearing on how God's creatures were abused, forced to live in appalling conditions...

I hope that man was given a decade in prison for what he did.

29.10.2005, 12:11
thats just stupid having that maney dangerous animals in suchs a small horribel place

The Sonic God
29.10.2005, 23:31
Originally posted by Cagain
thats just stupid having that maney dangerous animals in suchs a small horribel place

That, I'll agree with. If you don't have the resources necessary to take care of what you've got, then why bother?

30.10.2005, 00:12
there is only one place for wild animals and that is in the wild

The Sonic God
30.10.2005, 20:01
I do find it most enjoyable waiting for those chance-encounters with wildlife. Though they seem to be deer most often here... kinda gets boring.

Those cats are nowhere in sight (except feral cats), but you will come in contact with a deer every so often.

30.10.2005, 21:56
i just heard from my mate that her brother is working in a safary and he is looking after lion cubs

30.10.2005, 22:30
Do you know which Safari?

The Lone Nomad
31.10.2005, 03:50
Yes. Her name is Gwyn and she's a lard-ass :)


31.10.2005, 04:52
Originally posted by The Sonic God
I do find it most enjoyable waiting for those chance-encounters with wildlife. Though they seem to be deer most often here... kinda gets boring.

Those cats are nowhere in sight (except feral cats), but you will come in contact with a deer every so often.

I was just out visiting a college campus recently (Dennison, in Ohio, to be exact) and as I was walking down this hill towards the arts center, I hear hoofbeats, and this deer just bursts over the hill out of nowhere, gallops by my mom and I, literally yards away, makes a sharp stop, turns around, and dashes back. We just stopped and stared like.... whoa... o_o

In another situation altogether, my dog once approached me with a deer's leg in its mouth. XO

31.10.2005, 14:03
On the note of wildlife encounters, the city that I live in has been seeing more Coyote spottings in the recent months. I saw a few of them over the weekend. Rather interesting.

Cute cat by the way LN. It's a nice picture. :)

31.10.2005, 22:56
no i will have to find out

The Sonic God
03.11.2005, 07:55
Oh, but your kitty is so cute. ^^

Nice shot... kinda got the eyes as they were reflecting red. Neato!

07.11.2005, 19:17
cool the cat is in the bag

The Sonic God
08.11.2005, 01:31
Originally posted by Cagain
cool the cat is in the bag

Whatever do you mean by that? O_o

10.11.2005, 18:47
its a meterfor i think or some think like that but its cool a cat is in the bag and its cool its a meto thing i think it is one any way

The Sonic God
14.11.2005, 22:52
Ah. Internet slang throws me off all of the time...

I suppose it would be fun to have a big cat, but one blimey mess of work it'd be...

17.11.2005, 16:10
yeh i fing it hard keeping my room clean *lol*

The Sonic God
21.11.2005, 00:15
I knew of one woman who visited Wal-Mart years back, and she owned a pet cougar (well, I don't like to use the word "pet"). She was licensed by the DNR and had a quarter-acre establishment for the cougar. I saw a picture, quite a beautiful cat. :)