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30.09.2005, 01:46
Just a real quick one here. I thought I would use this to give background on my char in the thread "Startng From Zero."

Name: John "Cobalt" Powers
Species: Human
Age: 33
Joined the ranks of the United Staes Marine Corps (USMC) at the age of 18 following the death of his familey. Has a very strict sense on honor and right vs. worng. Cobalt is a part of a Special Forces group called Surgical Strike Division (SSD) that specilizes in rapid deployment and intervention missions. He has training in Scouting, Combat Medicine, Stelth Tactics, and Squad leadership. Also has a notable amount of experiance with animals, as he ends up assinged to his base's Veterinary Clinic when not on deployment, or in training.

Alex Kile
30.09.2005, 07:50
Name: Dr Alexander james Kile
Species: GM lion
Age: 27

Alex was born human but was turned into a lion by a meachine invented by his uncle. A doctor in gentics At sydney uni. But done though corispondince. He retuned breefly to his uncles work while his wife battled cancer.

Raised in Aria 23. The UN gentic reaserarch labs were funded by the cotributing countrys black budgets.

to devercify the human race though gentic maniulation. was the stated goal but it was a test center for gm soldures for the aliys by spliceing animal dna with that of humans. Alexs uncles meachine was the last piece of the puzzel to with Alex was an unwitting guiney pig. jellousy and greed by gm compenys payed for a force to go and destroy the facility leving those scientests who would not sign contracts dead and those who would sprited off to secret destonations. leving the experiments to fend for them selfs. moslty thay were put into the services as sercret reaserchers and soldures. To make up for there diferancies. moast were happy with thair lives but some chose to live in the wild.

This is the same facilaty that braught luna and Asher into exsistance.

30.09.2005, 11:50
Whow this thread is an excellent idea, Cobalt.
Okay here we go:

Name: Athaba

Species: lion

Age: it's hard to tell, but he's all grown up. Maybe a little younger than Simba.

Bio: Athaba grew up in the savannah. His half brother Imiak, who is a wolf was raised by this pride, too. They were basically having a good time until Imiak decided to leave and find out "what" he really was. Athaba then had to leave his pride and find a new place to rest. On his journey he came to the pride lands and learned about the pridelander's way of life and that they lived differently from other lions.
Now he stays close to the pride, yet he is not a real member of it.

Played by: Kirauni

One more question: Now that we have characters like Simba and Kovu in our RPG. Am I right to assume that this RPG takes place after "Simba's Pride" ? Kovu belongs to the pride, yet he has not become king. Nor did Kiara get cubs. Just to make sure :)

Alex Kile
30.09.2005, 11:57
Right on thair i guess.

30.09.2005, 12:20
All right...

Name: Kovu

Species: lion

Bio: Kovu is the son of Zira, a lioness that was banished from the pride lands along with her followers. He was trained to kill Simba and avenge Scar's death. However he met Kiara and Simba told him the truth about Scar's death. Kovu decided to live with Simba's pride and his beloved lioness Kiara.

Played by: Kirauni

30.09.2005, 14:43

I'm sorry if I confuse anyone. I think this all would tkae place AFTER TLK2, but I never really specified a year or specific timeline. I based the intial post to the RPG forum off a chapter in my book, which take place 4 years before Cobalt becomes the caretaker for a pair of "enhanced" lions. (THey may show up in a later RPG, I'm not sure yet) So I f I use terms or sayanything that dosn't make sense. PLEASE let me know. I'll be glad to fill in details. But for the most part I try to keep it simple.

02.10.2005, 13:47
I'm just a litle bit confused about Ashar.. I mean he Rped before as a lion and now he is a man ? Or an Anthro ? I really don't have a clue anymore... maybe he is so kind and clear it up for me ?
So that I know what to write about you.
Maybe you could give a little summary on your charakter here ? Just like Alex, Cobalt and I did ? That would be great !

Oh and what about Luna ? It seems you are a kind of shapeshifter. Could you please also tell us something about the char you play in the current RPG... It's just that I don't know how to interact with you if I don't know what kind of animal you are ;)

I'd really appreciate that =)

03.10.2005, 11:37
Of course. Sorry about the delay.

Name: Luna
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Genetically engineered shape shifter (human / black panther)
Physical: Human- Appears as a fair-skinned, slender woman with long, straight black hair and sky-blue eyes. Usually wears professional attire, knee length pencil skirt, collared blouse, unless she's out in the field on assignment. Then, it's military fatigues. The only feature that really distingushes her and something other than totally human, is her black cat-like claws.
Panther- Glossy black fur and whiskers. Has the same sky-blue eyes as a panther as she does as a human.
Emotional: Civilian professional on the military's payroll. The diplomat of the group, handling negotiations and other civilian contact scenarios when more finese is required to see an assignment through. Acts as the go-between between humans and great cats on assignments. Carries a firearm for defensive purposes, but prefers not to use it unless she absolutely has to. Has sufficient military training to be able to hold her own in a conflict if need be.
Background: Her existence is the result of the same genetic experimentation project from which Ashar also came. Now on the U.S. Military's payroll as a resident "expert" in her field of research, now that the organization that brought them into existence no longer exists.

I hope that helps. :)