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The Sonic God
30.09.2005, 10:47
Think of a popular country that begins with the letter D, other than "Deutschland."

Now, take the last letter of the name of that country, and think of an animal that begins with that letter.

Now highlight below.

What the... I've never heard of Kangaroos or Koalas in Denmark!


Alex Kile
30.09.2005, 11:12
I had
Dimicon republic, cat, cassawery, cuss cuss, cavie, cave swallows

30.09.2005, 16:39
Maybe I just think too far out side the box. ?(

Djibouti (Northeast Africa); Impala or Ibis

The Sonic God
01.10.2005, 06:07
Hey, you guys are on the ball. I suppose that people's minds I actually read didn't bother to reply? lol

Dominican Republic?

01.10.2005, 22:57
i thought of denmark! but for the aniimal I thought of a Kingsnake :)

The Sonic God
02.10.2005, 06:30
Oh! I almost had you. You're all so foxy for being Lion King fans. ;)

27.10.2005, 22:56
i got confused im a bit slow and dumb :(

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:22
Originally posted by Cagain
i got confused im a bit slow and dumb :(

Oh, come now, you're neither.

This actually came from an extended mind-trickery joke to prove that most people think of virtually the same thing and process information poorly.

Some here got around it.

28.10.2005, 02:24
ok thanks i lack self confidence

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 02:25
I wasn't trying to insult you...

The first time I heard this joke was from my brother... kinda blew my mind. It reminded me of the mind tricks that David Blaine does on Street Magic.

28.10.2005, 03:16
Originally posted by The Sonic GodWhat the... I've never heard of Kangaroos or Koalas in Denmark!

Aha, you got me. ;) I thought of Kangaroo. I actually had to go look up a list of countries that began with D..... :p

The Sonic God
28.10.2005, 03:30
There are more mind-bending jokes out there... I'll have to see if I can find them.