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22.10.2005, 22:07
A new RPG starting up. All welcome, just intro your Character(s) here and join the game.

Name: Albus

Species: Meerkat

Age: About 1 year, but not really known

Bio: Not much is known about Albus’ origins. He was found in the Savannah at about 1 month in age, with injuries, by another colony of meerkats. This colony took him in and raised him as one of their own. It was concluded that his injuries were from a Martial Eagle. After learning about his unknown origins, he left the colony to try and find the truth.

22.10.2005, 22:17
Name: Rafiki

Species: Mandrill (with a tail).

Age: Unknown

Bio: He is wise and strong, possesses a good character and a desire for peace and prosperity in his life and the lives of his friends. People often come to him for sound, intelligent advice about one thing or another, and they trust enough to confide in him their secrets. And, likely, he has to get wild when he's riled up, so hyenas beware!

Played by: Albus

24.10.2005, 16:36
Name: Kuthixo

Species: Lion

Age: adult

Bio: Kuthixo once belonged to the "White Velvet Pride". However this Pride has disapeared for reasons unknown and now Kuthixo is looking for some left members far and wide. On his journey he also visited the pridelands where he met many different inhabitants. He does not belong to Simba's Pride yet he likes beeing friends with it.

Played by: Kirauni

24.10.2005, 16:41
One more question Albus, if you don't mind.
When does the RPG "The Quests" take place ?
I'd be happy to know so that I can interact better with the characters.

So when does the "the quest" take place ?

Before TLK
At the same time TLK took place
After TLK but before Simba's Pride
Right when Simba's Pride took place
After Simba's Pride
The RPG is not related to any of the movies.

Thank you for your answer :)

24.10.2005, 17:08
Knew I'd forgotten something! :rolleyes: It's set after Simba's Pride.

24.10.2005, 17:17
Thank you very much, I forgot to tell you that you should let us know the time the RP takes place. Just to make sure.. Kovu and Kiara have no cubs in your RP, do they ?

24.10.2005, 17:17
Name: Dante

Species: Lion

Age: 2.5 Years

Bio: Dante was from a pride in a distant land out side of the general savannah. Upon reaching adulthood he was driven from the pride by the currnet leader. He now wanders the lands alone looking for someplace else to call home.

24.10.2005, 17:30
Not yet, Kirauni, but if someone wants to write in the birth of a new cub to Kovu and Kiara…

And before you ask: Simba is still the king.

24.10.2005, 17:51
All right :) Thank you very much.

Alex Kile
26.10.2005, 12:16
Name: Alexander James Kile

Spiecies: Lion GM


Bio: Came to the pride lands looking for a home to raise his twin cubs. A widower has found comfort in the extenderd pride and found himself whole. He comes from a past that noone would want to live all his human famaly dead and no longer the spiecies that he was born as. (well most of you guys know his story any way.)