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The Sonic God
04.12.2005, 06:23
Thanks to a dear friend of mine from a local fur group here in Kentucky, I managed to be able to use his laptop at the Days Inn hotel. It's not quite like the Red Lion Inn, but it works. lol

I'm having a great deal of fun here with KristynLioness and her friend Shadowfang.

I'll be back on the 12th!

04.12.2005, 14:38
That's pretty cool. Hope you have a great time with KristynLioness and your friends there ^^

04.12.2005, 23:26
woo! glad youre having fun :)

05.12.2005, 01:08
Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself, and it's good to see you back online. Have a safe and fun trip.

07.12.2005, 17:09
It's wonderful that you two get to spend time together. Make the most of it and have a great time!

See you when you get back!!!

The Sonic God
16.12.2005, 04:41
Aaaaand... I'm back!

Hmm... it was more fun in Kentucky. But anyway, Kristin and I had a lot of fun. This ought to be amusing:


Yes, I'm covered in a half-dozen birds there. At one moment, I had more than a dozen birds on me. It was fun, really. This was at the Newport Aquarium with KristynLioness in Newport, Kentucky. Needless to say, it was much fun. :)

More photos to come!

16.12.2005, 04:47
Ha, I just love your expression in this photo honey XD That was such a fun day. I loved being with you. I loved all those two weeks =3 I will never forget them and they helped me to realize how perfectly matched we are and I never felt more content than when I was at your side.

Alex Kile
16.12.2005, 04:56
Hay sonic what are those rainbow lorikeets doing on your head. Any way what I was about to say they are very common in Sydney and will often sit on on our verandah if we feed them.

The Sonic God
17.12.2005, 23:12
Well, as you can see (somewhat), I am feeding them. I've got 3 nectar cups in my hand.

Wearing all of the black, the birds thought that I was a tree to land on.

18.12.2005, 03:03
I think I had four of those birds on me one time =p Obviously not in that photo.

The Sonic God
18.12.2005, 03:26
Crazy, isn't it? I should hope to see the Cincinnati Zoo next time. :)