Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : US$ 36000 faceplate for the Xbox 360?

13.12.2005, 16:56
Maybe you've already read about this, but there seems to be an auction at ebay.com in which one tries to sell a faceplate for the new XBox made out of gold...
Although this is very likely to be a fake it's just funny to have a look at the auction.

The Article on Ebay.com (http://cgi.ebay.com/Poor-Mans-Microsoft-Xbox-360-SOLID-Gold-Face-Plate-999_W0QQitemZ8240583453)

13.12.2005, 17:17
I hope microsoft sees what these guys hold of the new xbox :D



(you have to see the video clip. I recommend the short version. ;) )

13.12.2005, 20:04
that auction seems rather dodgy! but funny nonetheless!

The Sonic God
13.12.2005, 20:17
What use would I have for a piece of yellow metal?

Amusing to say the least. If you want to blow $36,000 on something random...

14.12.2005, 07:08
I guess, but if you really want to spend $36,000 USD on something random, why not send it to me? Help fund my education. :P

The Sonic God
16.12.2005, 06:00
If it's not owned by some Rap artist in the next MTV Cribs, I'll not need to figure out how this world works. :p

21.12.2005, 15:41
Some people just have too much money to spend, I guess. I can hardly see the use for such a thing at all.

The Sonic God
05.01.2006, 13:24
"The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale."

It gathered too much controversy and was pulled off of eBay, it seems.