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19.12.2005, 15:26
I noticed that some new NPCs have joined the RPG.
If you need an avatar simply let me know the following things and I'll create an avatar based on Clipart, just like the other NPC Avatars.

So please fill out the following form:




Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ?

Are there any special markings ?

Eye color

Fur color

Anything else ?

That would be really helpful =)

19.12.2005, 15:53
No, Kirauni; you’re the one who's helpful. ;)

Name: Eshe

Gender: Female

Species: Elephant

Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most?
Difficult question. I believe there is a LK clipart elephant.

Are there any special markings?
Random lighter grey markings all over

Eye colour: Sea blue/green

Skin colour: Dark Grey.

Anything else?
She is ‘left tusked’ (just like being left handed). In other words; her left tusk is shorter, and more worn out than the right one.

Alex Kile
20.12.2005, 06:00
Name: Zendi

gender: Female

Species: lion

Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ?: Sarabi

Are there any special markings? gray muzzel bucause of her age

Eye color: blue

Fur color: Light cream

Anything else ? Aways has a gentle smile.

21.12.2005, 19:36
All right... the first one is done.

I hope it machtes your description, Albus.

21.12.2005, 19:53
And here is "Zendi".

21.12.2005, 20:23
That's great, Kirauni. Thank you.

Alex Kile
21.12.2005, 20:56
You have captuerd zendi very well. Knuni thank you

Alex Kile
26.12.2005, 17:13

gender: Male


Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ? Young simba because he is a cub

Are there any special markings ? A very light choclate stripe where his mane will one day start to grow

Eye color: brown

Fur color: gold

Anything else ? A mistufus grin and sort of looks like his father Alex who is my advatar so use him as a colour template.


gender: Female


Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ? young Nala because she is a cub as well

Are there any special markings ?

Eye color: Brown

Fur color: gold But obviusly a more lighter then her brothers coat

Anything else ? She is Johns twin sister

27.12.2005, 14:47
Okay, here you are Alex.

Alex Kile
27.12.2005, 22:28
thank you Kairauni

28.12.2005, 07:37
Okay, since it sounds like I'll be getting into this as well, and so I can keep my posts seperate:

Name: Dante

Gender: Male

Species: Lion

What TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most? Hmmm. <thinking> I'd have to say Simba (as an adult; he's 19 months old)

Are there any special markings? Mane fades from a Med. Brown near the head to a lighter tan at the tips.

Eye Color: Blue

Fur Color: Gold

Anything else? Not really. I may consider adding his counterpart "Kayla" if I find an RP in which to place her. I appreciate the artwork very much. 8)

28.12.2005, 10:41
Okay, I hope it turned out right.
Here you are, Cobalt.

28.12.2005, 12:11
Wow. That is impressive. Thank you very much, Kirauni. :)

anything spicy
10.01.2006, 16:57



Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ?: sarafina

Are there any special markings ?: gash across left cheek

Eye color:sky blue

Fur color: pale creame

it would be realy helpfull if you could do this.

anything spicy
10.01.2006, 17:01
by the way what does npc mean?

10.01.2006, 17:28
NPC means "non-player-character".
They are special characters in our RPG, that are played by other savannah members.

Fin out more here: Non-Player-characters (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?postid=250758)

17.01.2006, 23:46
Once again, I'm back asking for a favor of whomever is doing these.

Name: Kayla

Gender: Female

Species: Lion

Closest TLK Character: Nala?

Eyes: Brown

Fur: Sandy Gold color

Anything else: Nothing really. Once again, thank you in advance. :)

EDIT: Annnd my appoligies for using the wrong account on this. :(

18.01.2006, 14:14
All right, I finished "Kayla".
I hope you like her ;)

Oh and Btw: Could you please note down the NPCs you play in "memories" in the following thread (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=20940) ? Thank you :)

18.01.2006, 15:48
Wow. Looks great, Kirauni. Thanks. :)

Alex Kile
27.01.2006, 21:33
Name: Shona

gender: Female

Species: lioness

Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ?: Adult Nala

Are there any special markings ? typcle white lion markings

Eye color: Blue

Fur color: White

Anything else ?: A gentle smile like Zendi because she is Zendis daughter.

28.01.2006, 13:54
And here you are, Alex.

Alex Kile
28.01.2006, 14:41
Thank you Kriauni

27.07.2006, 21:18



Which TLK character does your NPC resemble the most ?:Kovu

Are there any special markings: scar over left and right eye

Eye color: Red

Fur color:Black

anything else ? No.

Thank you

29.07.2006, 09:53
All right, I hope you like it :)
Now you just have to register new to the savannah and name your account "Charlie".
Then you can surely join the Roleplays.

29.07.2006, 21:18
Oh I forgot.

Thanks Kirauni.You are the best friend on this site :) :) :)

29.07.2006, 21:19
You are welcome :)

29.07.2006, 22:52
One more thing !

Amazing how you good draw

23.08.2006, 11:17
Ok Kirauni here is three new ones (Thanks)

Name : Tali

Gender : female

Species : lion cub

Which TLK character does your NPC resemble the most ? : Cub Nala

Are there any special markings : black ears and light gray muzzle

Eye color : light gray

Fur color : dark brown

anything else : No

Thanks here is other two


Name : Kio

Gender : Male

Species : Lion cub

Which TLK character does your NPC resemble the most : Simba

Are there any special markings : white muzzle

Eye color : Brown

Fur color : Black

anything else : no


Name : Koda

Gender : Male

Species : Lion cub

Which TLK character does your NPC resemble the most : Cub Kovu without Scar

Are there any special markings : black mane,black muzzle and black ears

Eye color : Red

Fur color : gray

anything else : No

Thanks Kirauni once more.

24.08.2006, 10:43
And here they are. I hope they are all right.

I changed their colors according to the edited cliparts by Kamari.

25.08.2006, 13:01
Okay.Thanks Kirauni

25.08.2006, 13:28
Those look awesome. Thanks!

25.08.2006, 22:19
OOC: Just to let you know it worked out. This is Kamari on NPC account Kio. The cubs are called Kio and Kodiak. For Koda, I gave him a "full name" which is Kodiak, and his nickname (What rpers/friends might call him for short) is Koda.

25.08.2006, 22:24
And ask Kodiak, Koda for short. And I see you already made Tali so we are good! ((Sorry, Koda was taken. Had to give him a full name, since I didnt want to add numbers or extra words to his name. So I gave him the name Kodiak, Koda for shorrt/as a nickname.)

28.08.2006, 19:53
Okay Im always waiting for your reply at RP

29.08.2006, 18:05
Here kirauni you got to work now.

name : mike

gender: male

spicies : monkey

which TLK character does your npc[B]resemble the most : rafiki

are there any special markings : that hes fur are in a more coloours: red green blue and yellow, but that this collours are like rainbow. and hes one eye is biger and collor is yelllow and another one is smaller and sky blue collor. and in hes hand that he have.

fur collor :i said it.

anything else : no

thnaks, i hope he will be dificult of others. :rofl :dino. i hope you understand that all. thnaks :dino

20.10.2006, 18:29
Kirauni I have a big request from you.If you want do it,if you wont then dont...

Can you draw me cub Charlie,and Older Charlie with full grown mane.Still all of them are sad :D.Pleaseeee

25.09.2007, 20:56
Not sure if you are still offering, Kirauni, but I thought I’d up load the description anyway. :)

Name: Tafari

Gender: Male

Species: Meerkat

Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most?
Timon / Uncle Max

Are there any special markings?
Nine darkish grey strips down his back, the bottom most two come right round onto his tummy, the bottom one being slightly longer and thicker, than the one above, the grey colouring getting lighter as it nears its points. The seventh strip is the only one that curves upwards. - However this might not all show up on an avatar.

Eye colour: Dark green

Fur colour: Deep dark grey, with light grey head, tummy and ear fur.

Anything else?
Slim and slightly muscular in build. Head fur combed back. Normally carries a hollow staff.

27.09.2007, 19:43
Right now, I'm suffering from a lack of time and on top of that, I'm not able to draw meerkats very well. In fact, I've only tried drawing one twice and I doubt it would do any good. ;)

I hate to disapoint you Albus, I really do.
However, I'm not able to help you right now and so I'm not taking any character requests. I know I should have written this before, but I didn't think of that. I'm sorry. :(

10.06.2008, 20:16
Name: Tippy

gender Male

Species: Lion

Which TLK Character does your NPC resemble the most ? Kovu

Are there any special markings ? nope

Eye color Brown

Fur color Dark Brown with some black stripes on his legs

Anything else ? He is in his teen years, is an expert hunter has black hair, and is very athletic. Always looking for an adventure, and always looking for friends. Very outgoing and playful as well.

10.06.2008, 20:21
sorry if ur not taking any requests, but i figured since it has been a while since u posted that, that you might have began taking requests again.

10.06.2008, 21:16
I'm sorry, but I'm not taking requests as I don't have much time to spare right now. But thanks for posting your character's description anyway. Perhaps someone else can do a profile picture for you, we'll see :)