Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : IMPORTANT: Change of NPC usernames !

28.12.2005, 15:16
Dear RPers,

Albus made a great suggestions that solved our problem with english and german RPG characters.
Now we have two different sets of NPCs. The German ones and the English ones.
If you already play an NPC your password remains the same, however your log in name has been changed. Simply log in with your username and add a [.] at the end of it.

NOTE: Only characters with names from TLK movies are affected by this ! If you played as "John" or "Sarah" the names remain the same!


"Rafiki" became"Rafiki."

Now all the TLK Chracters that are not played by English Rpers are free to be played. Just write a PM to apply for an NPC.

Thanks Albus for this nice idea of yours =)