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White Lion
04.01.2006, 21:04
Have you ever had something funny or embarising happen to you ? This is the thread to tell it in for everyone to read and get a good laugh at :)

White Lion
04.01.2006, 21:18
I'll start it off :P

When I was in High School during the summers I'd go with my grandfather and some of his buddy's on there sailboat. We would useualy spend a few months sailing around florida and the key's. Once we got onto the inner watterway in St. Augisten florida and put in at a public dock for a few hours to get suplies. There was a large retail store nearby and I decided to go get a brass connector to finish up a project I had been working at on and off. I told my grandfather and put on some clean clothes and got onto the dock and started jogging down it. I got about 15 ft. when my grandfather came up to the top and yelled at me to get some AA battery's. I turned around and started talking back while fast walking backwards. What I failed to relize is that we'd docked on a L shaped dock:( I hear my grandfather yell John and his eye's go wide. The next thing I know I no longer have wood under my feet. It was like something out a cartoon. I seemed to hang there susspended for a split second and screamed before splashing into the salt watter. I never thought I'd live it down, or that my grandpa would let me :rolleyes:

The Sonic God
05.01.2006, 13:26
The only thing I must say is that you guys are very brave to post your embarrassing moments. I do not like to tell any of mine... rather... I like to forget them. But, I've seen others that I will never forget, such as the incident when a lady drove home with a fuel pump still attached to her car.

06.01.2006, 10:49
Mine occoured earlier today and was not so much embarresing, but rather more like awkward:

I had been missing the mouse pad for my laptop. It i a rathe distinctive looking one, with a close up photo of a lion on it and the words "World Wildlife Fund" in the lower right corner. I had no idea where it was, untill today when my boss called me into his office to discuss some training program he wished to send me to. I was talking with him, and looked down at the mousepad he was using. It had a close up photo of a lion on it and the words "World Wildlife Fund" in the lower right corner. I looked at it and said, "That's a nice mousepad, sir. Where did you get that?" already knowing the answer.

He responds "You like it? I found it laying around. I'd hate to be the person who lost it. It's a nice one."

I left shortly thereafter.

06.01.2006, 12:06

i cant think of any good embarassing moments for me right now - if i do, i shall let you know!

06.01.2006, 16:01
I had a lot of embarrassing moments that I lost count after the 10th incident. The one I can think of on top of my head is the one where I mistook a total stranger at school for one of my friends and called out to her. When she turned around, I quickly realized my mistake and had to pretend to be calling out to the person in front of her. My friends were laughing like mad as they saw the whole thing happening and ragged me to bits for days about that. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with them.

P.S. How on earth do one manage to drive home with a fuel pump still attached to the car? It would be hard not to notice the tug.

The Sonic God
07.01.2006, 07:47
Yeah, I was trying to figure out that, too.

I hope the lady lost her license. That's just inexcusable. She drove the fuel pump handle all the way home. This was all caught on video.

19.01.2006, 00:29
Someone reminded me of this one:

I was driving one day, and singing along with a Green Day song on the radio at what had to be 90 Db. I continue doing this at a trafic light, only to realilze at one point that the drivers of the cars on either side of me are staring at me like I'm mad. (I am, but that's beside the point.)

I went from singing at about 90 Db to mumbling at maybe 2 Db. Got real quiet, real fast...

19.01.2006, 11:14

that reminds me of one of mine!

on sundays our vet practice isnt open, but a nurse has to go in to feed and clean all the in patients/boarders. its quite nice, theres no one apart from yourself there so its quiet, save for the animals, and you get to muck about a bit.
was my turn one sunday, and i had taken my sister with me to make the job quicker, and in one of our silly moments, we were both singing the pink panther theme, when suddenly one of the vets unexpectantly turns up :D needless to say we both got pretty quiet pretty quick, and i hid in the cupboard laughing my face off, whilst my sister had an awkward conversation with the vet 8)

19.01.2006, 12:29
Well one of my embarrassing moments happened on the channel island, Alderney. My family goes there quite often, as a quiet retreat.

I was 7, and we had hired out some bikes. We had cycled around half the island, and had stopped at a beach for lunch. Afterwards, I went on a small ride on my own, only back and forth alone the nearest road. There was little danger of cars, as at the time, the island had very few.

The route I was on was a very steep hilly area and, unfortunately for me, the way back to the beach was all down hill. (You know whatís coming donít you? :P ) As I neared the bottom, there was a sharp corner of a triangular grass ditch verge, dividing two roads, my road and another. I, still going too fast from the hill, turned sharply and went head over wheels into the corner of the grass ditch :rolleyes:. My mum had spotted what had happened, and had come running over to help.

Now as if being completely tangled up with a bike and in a ditch wasnít embarrassing enough, I had one leg sticking directly upwards, and when my mum ask me why that particular leg was safe from the accident, my reply was:

ďOh, thatís my best leg!Ē :D

Now every time we go back there, and pass that corner, we call it ďBest Leg CornerĒ. :D I think itís one statement Iíll never live down!

Alex Kile
19.01.2006, 12:38
I do some off road competitions on occasions. one jamboree I was playing in the bog hole and got stuck. when a guy in a two wheel drive ute with road tyres decided to join in. Needless to say I ended up with $1000 worth of body work needing to be repaired. So the guy agreed to pay for the repair of my car.

I pick up my car from the repairer's and start to drive home. During the mud running Some mud got into the bellhousing containing the clutch .

Because the car had been sitting for weeks on end getting repaired the mud had dried out and got into the clutch. This wrecked it so I limped back to the nearest garage. Where the ute driver worked. it cost me in repairs of the clutch. the same amount as he spent repairing my body work including parts. the car was off the road for a month.

The Sonic God
19.01.2006, 16:41
This just happened in the German section. I intended to help a fellow member with their poem, offering my English expertise, however it seemed that Kirauni had already done so. What's bizarre is that I didn't even see her reply when I posted the message. O_O

19.01.2006, 23:59
I had a moment today -

I was stripping the plastic off a wire when the scalpel i was using slipped, and sliced the top of my left middle finger, and cut into the finger next to it.

Cue me yelling for someone to help me as blood is streaming out my fingers. luckily its only the very top so I dont need stitches. But man was there a lot of blood!!!!

Dont play with scalpels, kids :rolleyes:

The Sonic God
20.01.2006, 06:32
Are you kidding me?! Don't they have a wire strippers?

Ugh... -_-;;

... reminds me when I got a chunk of skin lopped off my finger in a door latch...

White Lion
20.01.2006, 07:03
I remember a good one. About a year ago I was oputside in a fenced in area changing the pair of battery's on a Duce and a Half military deisel truck. After getting one battery on I start on the other only to relize that the clamp that connects to the battery's node was coroded and had at some point had a power surge go through it and melt it. Well I go and get some more tools and open and pry it off the battery. Well I tried puttinhg it back on the new batery and it would not go on. The screw had been to slaged and melted. Being as we didn't have a replacment I spent the next 20 min. trying to get it on. Finaly I just grabed the screwdriver, spun around yelling a choice word. I threw the screw driver as hard as possible. The next thing I know I hear a loud ' thack'

We share the outdoor vehical/material storage area with the huntsville police academy.

I turn around to see my screwdriver stuck to the handle in the side of a semi trailer owned by the police dept. I look over the parking lot and see a huge group of oficers looking at me. I quickly turned around and went back to working on the truck. Luckly no one noticed the screwdriver stuck in the side of the trailer.

20.01.2006, 10:35
ROFLMAO! thats hilarious :D!

TSG - no we dont - we have hardly any tools as we dont usually have to use them!

The Sonic God
30.01.2006, 10:43
You're telling me that they can't afford a £3 tool? lol

What a world we live in...

30.01.2006, 14:23
more like they needed the job done there and then, so having to go out to get tools was "unecessary" time wasteage!

White Lion
30.01.2006, 18:03
It's for people like that why I carry a leatherman multi-tool :P

30.01.2006, 19:29
hehe i have one... alas i dont carry it around *laughs*

White Lion
30.01.2006, 19:48

22.02.2006, 19:36
When i was in primary school i was with my friends on the school playground and my friend and I spotted this tree that looked as though it had edible peas on it. So, as you do, we decided to try some of them and we thought that they wernt that bad so we kept eating them. Im not sure how many we had but we had enough! Anyway, i was sitting in class and all of a sudden i felt really really sick but i kept it down untill my mum picked me up and i was sick EVERYWERE! My mum asked me what i had eaten so i told her and it turns out that it was Laburnum. My friend and I were both in hospital for a week, we were sooooo ill. When i got back into school my friend and I walked into the dinner hall and EVERYONE started clapping and pretending to be sick!!! I dont think i have ever been sooo shamed in my whole life!! :O :O :O *touch wood*

The Sonic God
23.02.2006, 02:26
Eat only what comes on the dinner plate, mate.

At a local school here we have a few crabapple trees that students would eat the fruit off of once in a while. They're incredibly tart, but edible nonetheless. However, if you're not careful, one could bite into the path of a nestled insect. XD

anything spicy
16.04.2006, 11:23
when I went to a hospital to visist my mum, I needed the toilet so I rushed Into the nearest one. I mustn't of locked the door properly because this man opend the door (they were unisex toilets) then quickly closed it again. I didn't want it to happen again so I locked the door proplerly. Once I flushed the loo and washed my hands, I tried to unlock the door but It wouldn't open. I spent about 10 mins trying to open the door.