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23.01.2006, 02:52
Yesterday, 21 January, 2006, my sister gave birth to her first child, "Emma Diane" She was 7 lb, 20 oz at birth (around 6:40 PM local time) :D

This is my first experiance as an uncle. =)

Photos can be found by following the link below.

Emma Diane (http://community.webshots.com/album/546625325gSenMh) :lionbaby

White Lion
23.01.2006, 04:05
SWEET 8) Congrat's man :D

23.01.2006, 14:22
aw bless, congrats to you and your sis/bro in law!!

23.01.2006, 18:38
congratulation. I'm sure you'll be a good uncle, not this kind of someone like in a... ahh... wonderful film, we all know of. :)

The Sonic God
23.01.2006, 19:51
Congratulations man. :)

23.01.2006, 23:35
That's pretty cool. Congratulations :)

28.01.2006, 05:30
Thanks. :liongrin

She's a week old now, and my sister said she's doing very well.

Alex Kile
28.01.2006, 07:35
You will mke a good uncle Cobalt.

The Sonic God
30.01.2006, 09:42
I must agree. When that child grows up, you'll have much to teach him, like a second father. :)