Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : does anyone else here have an account on neopets

anything spicy
29.01.2006, 19:12
my account name is linkisbetterthanyou . Does anyone else have an account?

29.01.2006, 20:00
nope, soz - i used to years and years ago, but i lost interest, plus kinda boycotted 'cause of the all the art theft that goes on there.

The Sonic God
30.01.2006, 09:40
I don't use Neothefts anymore. One of their advertised characters was stolen artwork from a dear friend of mine.

30.01.2006, 23:42
Heard of it, never used it and not sure if I would. I've heard the same thing about art theft. (Not that I can draw anyway :liontongue)

anything spicy
26.02.2006, 18:00
all the art I make and put on neopets, I make sure has my username printed across the bottom so If anyone uses them I know.

The Sonic God
27.02.2006, 04:44
Well, virtually any artist that has a lot of talent and caliber can expect to have their artwork stolen there. And if you complain, Neothefts will go after you with legal documents and attornies.