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White Lion
09.02.2006, 08:58
I'm making a costume for dragon*con his year but I am short a few pieces and was wondering if anyone knows where I could get them.

I need a lion mask that covers my entire head, is realistic, isn't to bulky, has good visibility ( don't wana fall down stairs) and is comftrible to where for 2-3 hours streight.

I also need a pair of gloves to make my hands look like a hand-paws and I need a tail.

can anyone help ??? please???

Alex Kile
09.02.2006, 11:11
White lion I used a modified facy dress pattern form macall's. The pattern number is 8953 .

It has a lions costume in the pattern. That will do the body and tail.

The gloves I made my owen pattern by traceing my hand print on some baking paper and added about half an inch for the hem.

Then I got some wool and sewed the claws into the ends of the fingers.

After that I got some fake swade and ironed on some stiffener metririal to make the pads. Then I hand stiched the stiffened swade to the underneath of the gloves.

As for the mask I can not help you there because mine is has been discontinued. But there are many good sights on the net on that subject.

one other thing make shore you have a good cooling system in your suit. It can get realy realy hot in there. I use ice bricks (The same type that you put in your cooler when you take cold drinks somewhere) in a modified sleveless tee shert and a tea towl with an icepack in it around my neack.

I hope this hepls you.

The Sonic God
09.02.2006, 11:39
You might want to try contacting ScribbleFox from OneFurAll.com. He's got some contacts to vendours that sell different fur materials.

09.02.2006, 11:42
All I can think of at the moment is Tani da Real's site.
She once made a Fursuit of her lioness charakter and commented every step she took.

You can see the "making of" here:

Tani Fursuit (http://www.tigress.com/tani/fursuit/lioness/02hpicsa.htm)

Perhaps it gives you some ideas :lion^_^

White Lion
10.02.2006, 01:52
SWEET!!! 8)

TY kirauni that really does help :lionbiggrin

I'll have to put a pic up when I get my costume done :lionwink

10.02.2006, 07:59
Yes, that would be great !
Making your own suit surely is pretty hard. I thought of doing once once, but then I dropped the idea.
You see, I was not even able to make an own cuddle toy... :liontongue

Some lionesses are not meant for this kind of art ;)

But I look forward to see pictures of your suit. Good luck !

Alex Kile
10.02.2006, 09:37
well I thort the same thing now I have to turn around and make a head for my suit.

White Lion
10.02.2006, 17:47
TY :)

I'm not very good at making things either but I can get a few friends who are to help :lionwink

The Sonic God
11.02.2006, 22:58
Tani doesn't think that she's a professional, however, I tend to disagree. Her Snowleopard (Schneeleopardin, ist daß richtig?) costume was just done fantastically. There's a good chance that I'll be going to Anthrocon 2006 this year and seeing her in person!