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White Lion
10.02.2006, 19:25
I found this on CNN news, it dosen't have to do with lions but it is still very intresting...........

CNN news article (http://www.10news.com/news/6881253/detail.html?subid=22100481&qs=1;bp=t)

Alex Kile
10.02.2006, 21:10
it's a lace monitor form Australia

10.02.2006, 21:40
One of those news articles that forces a double take... I'd be willing to bet it was a pet that somebody ditched in the lake as the article suggested.

The Sonic God
11.02.2006, 07:03
That lizard won't last long...

White Lion
11.02.2006, 18:35
Actualy it's was first spoted in june 2005. That's at least 8 months minimum, almost a year that it has been in there. I wouldn't doubt that it has been in there for a few months before anyone ever spoted it. The lake it's in is large and is in a area that dosen't get to cold and has plenty of food for it to eat and more then enough cover for it to hide in. It should continue to live until someone catches it or kills it :liono_O.

The Sonic God
11.02.2006, 22:56
I think that they ought to capture the lizard and put him in a zoo. At least he'd be safe there.

White Lion
11.02.2006, 23:01
I agree, if they just let him stay there in the lake some dirtbag is probobly going to end up killing him. :lionsad