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The Sonic God
11.02.2006, 23:00
I'm sure that some of you have heard of Anthrocon? (http://www.anthrocon.org/)

Well, this year, if you plan on attending an Anthrocon, you can meet me in person. Hopefully I'll be registered there as one of the assistants. :)

13.02.2006, 14:50
Hmmm. Interesting. Never been to one of those (but then again, I;ve never done any kind of conventions perioid, outside of professional trade shows.) I'd have to look into this....

The Sonic God
13.02.2006, 16:25
There's approximately 2,000 people going to this convention.

13.02.2006, 22:48
<Blinks, falls over and twitches>

White Lion
14.02.2006, 01:28
oh you should try dragon*con. 30,000 people in 4 days :liono_O


if it exists it is there..........3 nights 4 days of the biggest party. takes up 3 convention centers that are 30+ story's high each and are located in down town atlanta. I met some peole there who had over $6,000.00 USD in there costu
mes ?(

The Sonic God
14.02.2006, 08:34
Way out of my league as far as price range goes, and the number of attendees. Is there no personal contact? I'd feel like that I was back at high school, stuffed...

White Lion
14.02.2006, 10:03
I've learned how to go wfor less money then most would think possible

At dragon*con pretty much anything goes and i go with friends so i have people to hang out with and have fun. It's the worlds biggest and best party and the costumes are awsome. You name a costume and it is there:D :D

I allways go with a group of friends from the net and other forums. We split a room between 5 of us and it only ends up costing us about $180.00 each of us for the room for 3 nights. Friends, family and I in atlanta pick the people in our group to and from the airport and provide transportation and a place to stay before and after the Con. Most of us arive a day or two before hand and stay at a friends. Then everyone piles into two car's and pile all the laugage into the back of my truck. There is a nice food court with resonably priced food connected to the confrence center and if you get you're ticket now there only round 40-60 bucks for the entire week.

last year it only cost me around $500.00

ticket----------->$80.00 ( i didn't get my ticket till a few days before it)
hotel room--->$180.00
parking-------->$12.00 (don't park at the Conv. center it's 20.00 a night)
total cost-----$500.00 (give or take $20.00)

The Sonic God
15.02.2006, 22:14
Y'know, I've heard of Dragon*Con, but I've never actually been entirely interested in a convention consisting of mostly reptilians.

16.02.2006, 01:09
Heh. I think it's more a name. Correct me if I'm wrong, WhiteLion but from what I gather, the largest faction is the StarWars fans. I have 2 (possibly 3) costumes planned for thins and I don't plan on doing any Dragon types. Although breathing fire would be fun...

Alex Kile
16.02.2006, 07:45
no fury cons down under unfotuatly but I would love to go to one

The Sonic God
16.02.2006, 08:42
You ought to start one, Aussiecon. :)

Alex Kile
16.02.2006, 13:20
There was one in 2002 Called ausgather.but nothing since then.

White Lion
16.02.2006, 17:20
There'sd a fury con here in huntsville every year. It's called the 'Rocket City fur meet', it's about 10-15 min away from my house :D

Rocket City Fur Meet webpage (http://narf.wereanimal.net/)

At dragon*con there's everything.
last year there were star wars, star trek, Aliens & preditors, Warhmmer, D&D, LOTR, and just about every other costume you couldpossibly dream of. Even a lot that you wouldn't even ever think of :lioncool
There was even a group of guy's who came as British WW2 soldiers and another as German soldiers :D

And in a Con of 30,000 people, most of which have pointy weapons, most people tend to be really nice :D

17.02.2006, 01:17
One would hope. I'd hate to see a fight break out. In the sprit of "Sharp, pointy objects" and sice we're talking about D*C, this is one of the costumes I'm going to be using. It's a Dark Elf (A"Drow") Battlemage.

Drow Battlemage (http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d150/Cobalt027/100_0086.jpg)

The Sonic God
20.02.2006, 00:51
Most dragons live for tens of thousands of years. I'm sure that they have the ability to be civilized. ;)