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White Lion
16.02.2006, 21:06
I laughed my rear off when I saw this :P\
You got to love the Royal Marines :D

Royal Marine video !!! (http://users.rcn.com/sitzkrieg/war/MarineCommandosStuckinMud.wmv)
it's a 2.4M .WMV file

16.02.2006, 21:27

now you know how to beat the british. mud on the beach :D

White Lion
17.02.2006, 15:42
Yeah, I saw this and I rolled off of my bed and about killed myself from falling and hitting m head on a small wooden box next to my bed. :liono_O

17.02.2006, 22:33
Oh wow! I just about fell over watching that. That's funny suff.

Alex Kile
17.02.2006, 23:39
I lnve the fact that there vest inflated in the mud