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24.02.2006, 16:12
This is the Info Thread to "the prides holiday (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=21276)"
Please let us know which NPCs are taken and who plays them.

Just use the following structure:




Played by:

Thank you very much :)

Alex Kile
26.02.2006, 12:19
Sorry about not putting this up sooner but I forgot. :lionsad

Name: Alex kile

Species: lion

Age: 27

Bio: Has a sad past. He and his mate are raising his two cubs with the help of the pride.

Played by: Alex kile

Name: Shona

Species: lion


Bio: Shona died because of a curce put on her by an evil sharmon. When raffiki killed the sharmon. the curce was lifted. Alowing her to retun to the mate and cubs.

Played by: Alex kile

Name: John

Species: lion

Age: 10

Bio: A cheaky young cub John is the natural explorer. Though he enjoys playing tricks on the merekats in the pride. He will stalk and punce on any lizard or small insect that he can find. Because Alex is his father his metabolic rate is a lot less then a normal lion. because of this he is still a cub

John is Sarahs twin brother

Played by:

Name: Sarah

Species: lion

Age: 10

A cheaky young cub Sarah is very loyal and gentle. Thogh she does want to be with her father Alex as much as posible. She doesn't like to go to far from where she's been.

She is also Johns twin Sister. Because Alex is her father her metabolic rate is a lot less then a normal lion. because of this she is still a cub

Played by:Alex kile

Name: Simba

Species: lion


Bio: well you know

Played by: Alex kile

27.02.2006, 11:35
Name: Timon

Species: Meerkat

Age: Adult

Bio: A cheeky meerkat, who likes having fun and making jokes - even though he sometimes might hurt his friends, they are never meant to insult anybody, because all in all he's a faithful little friend who'd give away his last joke for a friend and who'd be there for them no matter what.

Played by: Albus

anything spicy
08.05.2006, 16:48



Bio: A young cub. She's the headstrong daughter of Simba and Nala and dosn't look forward to becoming the next queen.

13.12.2006, 15:44
Name: Cova

Species: Lioness

Age: Teen Lion

Bio: New To the pridelands but not one to be shoved around, knows what she wants but is a very loyal and caring friend, slender, golden and beautiful. Has a long history of never being able to setle which she hopes to change


Name: Nala

Species: Lioness

Age: Adult Lion

Bio: A queen to the pridelands, very knowledgable and caring about her pride