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06.03.2006, 13:35
It has come to my attention that some members on the English side are getting a littleÖ upset by other memberís posts and personal behaviour. This, of course, could turn nasty and end up in flaming, which Iím sure no one wants (particularly the moderating team).

Iíd like to make the point that it is important to communicate directly to the person or persons in question, and tell them in a friendly manner what you donít like and, if necessary, explain to them how they can/could improve future posts.

It is important to remember that sometimes, someone might think that you and the group are going in another direction than you really are, and respond to what they think is going on, rather than what is going on within the topic. Many people try to fix these problems by dropping carefully planned hints in their posts, but this doesnít always work if the receiver is a little slow on the uptake. If youíve tried a hint and it failed, donít just sit there getting more annoyed, contact them and sort it out directly.

There has to be a little effort on both sides. So if you donít try and communicate with them, you donít know if they are willing to hear you out, and see what they can do to improve. Please bear in mind that others might be slow learners, and it might take a lot of patience before there are any noticeable improvements. Just stick with them and get that real sense of satisfaction when the changes do start to show. If youíre really having problems with someone, after talking to them for long time, contact a member of the moderating team. They may know how to deal with the problem another way.

Thank you for your time. :)

The Sonic God
16.03.2006, 08:30
I do understand your issue Albus, and I agree with you full-heartedly.

If there is a member causing problems, send them a peaceful private message. If they fail to respond, or do not respond in a mature matter, please contact any of the Mods, Admins, or myself, we all will be willing to help.