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27.03.2006, 19:44
This is the character info page for the “Lost Soul (http://www.pride-lands.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=21549)” RP. But you already knew that. ;)

Name: Albus

Species: Meerkat

Age: About 1 year and 3 months, but not really known

Bio: Not much is known about Albus’ origins. He was found in the Savannah at about 1 month in age, with injuries, by another colony of meerkats. This colony took him in and raised him as one of their own. It was concluded that his injuries were from a Martial Eagle. After learning about his unknown origins, he left the colony to try and find the truth.

Albus’ trail led him to the Pridelands, where he aided King Simba’s pride to fight off an invading pride, led by Tanake. It is during this event that he met Kuthixo, Dante and Alex. After the event, Albus set off after Rafiki, to continue his quest, despite Rafiki telling him to stay at Pride Rock. This resulted in him getting attacked by a Cheetah, which later turned out to be a friend of Rafiki. This is when he met Tehuti, the Sharman of Isihlalo Izindala (Throne of the Ancients). Afterwards some odd events take place, taking him to the Land of Memories, the place where all the departed go. It is here that he learns that he is an Oracle. He also gets to talk with his long dead parents. To his amazement, he is later reunited with his sister, Kamaria and guided by this fathers ghost. He also meets Zendi, Akia, Vito and Eshe. Eventually Rafiki takes him away from the Pridelands to talk about his role.


Name: Rafiki

Species: Mandrill (with a tail).

Age: Unknown

Bio: He is wise and strong, possesses a good character and a desire for peace and prosperity in his life and the lives of his friends. People often come to him for sound, intelligent advice about one thing or another, and they trust enough to confide in him their secrets. And, likely, he has to get wild when he's riled up, so hyenas beware!

Played by: Albus


Name: Timon

Species: Meerkat

Age: Adult

Bio: A cheeky meerkat, who likes having fun and making jokes - even though he sometimes might hurt his friends, they are never meant to insult anybody, because all in all he's a faithful little friend who'd give away his last joke for a friend and who'd be there for them no matter what.

Played by: Albus


Name: Eshe

Species: Elephant

Age: 12 years and 3 months

Bio: Huge but gentle, and is naturally clever. After poachers killed her herd, to which she is the sole survivor of, she travelled to the Pridelands, where she helped Kamaria, Albus’ sister. Afterwards she raced off to help Rafiki fight off an evil Sharman. In doing so, she discovers that she is to become the Pridelands next Sharman. She is now undergoing full training.

Played by: Albus

Alex Kile
29.03.2006, 15:09
Name: Alex Kile

Species: lion (who was a human wich acounts for his age)


Bio: Alex has two lovly cubs who share a gentic curce of a human life span. He is kind and gentle and would drop any thing he was doing for his friends

Played by: Alex kile

Name: Shona

Species: lion


Bio: Shona died because of a curce put on her by an evil sharmon. When raffiki killed the sharmon. the curce was lifted. Alowing her to retun to the mate and cubs.

Played by: Alex kile



Age:10 years (but ages the same as a human so he is still a cub)

Bio: A cheaky young cub John is the natural explorer. Though he enjoys playing tricks on the merekats in the pride. He will stalk and punce on any lizard or small insect that he can find.

John is Sarahs twin brother

Played by: Alex kile

Name: Sarah

Species: lion

Age: 10 years (but ages the same as a human so she is still a cub)

Bio: A cheaky young cub Sarah is very loyal and gentle. Thogh she does want to be with her father Alex as much as posible. She doesn't like to go to far from where she's been.

She is also Johns twin Sister

Played by: Alex kile

Name: Simba

Species: lion

Age: Adult

Bio: He has suffered immense hardships, but he can now see the larger picture, realizing that there is light at the end of the tunnel as long as he continues on. Family and best friends are sacred to him and he would leap to defend them at any time, at whatever cost. He also has a tendency to be sentimental, sometimes allowing his emotions to supercede his better judgement

Played by:Alex kile

Name: Zazu

Species: Hornbill


Bio: He is the pompous majordomo of King Mufasa. He is VERY ordered and structured about his life and he always tries to present himself as a person of impeccable character and duty. He is NOT a fan of surprises, especially when they inconvenience him or his carefully laid plans and agendas.

Played by: Alex kile

29.03.2006, 15:34
Name: Dante

Species: Lion

Age: 1.5 Years

Bio: Dante was raised in the Isihlalo Izindala pridelands, until he was kicked out by Tanake, the prides Alpha Male when he reached adulthood. He wandered the areas for several weeks; depressed, confused and broken until he accidentally stumbled across the Pridelands, where he met Kuthixo, Albus, Alex and the others. He was for the most part accepted into the pride, but still failed to feel that he was fitting in properly. Very jumpy and timid he was able to overcome his baser feelings when he helped Simba and the rest of the Pridelanders drive off Tanake as he made a grab for land and power. Some time later he returned to his old homelands after hearing news of trouble. On his return, he made contact with an old friend of his, Kayla and was forced to face down Tanake himself, eventually fully overcoming his own inner demons and managing to drive off Tanake. He declined to take over the role as leader of the pride, and instead wandered off in the company of Kayla. He returns now to the Pridelands, more experienced and world wizened and a lot less edgy.

Played by Cobalt

29.03.2006, 15:56
Name: Kayla

Species: Lioness

Age: 2.5 Years

Bio: Kayla was a longer standing member of the Isihlalo Izindala Pride, and a childhood friend of Dante. SHe lost contact with him after he left at Tanake's orders. She found him again on his sudden return to the Isihlalo Izindala, and then wandered back off to accompany Dante on his journies. She is now coming to the Pridelands for the first time, and this marks her first experiance with a pride she has not been raised with.
Very kind and caring for those she would consider her friends. SHe wil not hesitate to speak freely.

Played by Cobalt