Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : New digital camera, furry TLK goodness... and... ANTHROCON! :D

The Sonic God
24.04.2006, 05:56
First, first... let me just... uh... *slows down breathing* okay...

I just picked up my father's digital camera that he has given to me to use. I took a couple test shots with it, they are of my bedroom/office:


These are large, about a meg a piece, so please be patient as they load. You can see all of my furry goodness in there, and lots of TLK stuff. Granted, it's not as much as some of you guys, but, hey, I'm a proud TLK fan. ;)


I'm going to Anthrocon! I'm SOOO happy... I just finished my registration today. so far, it's costed me about $1100. It will be about $500 more whilst I'm down there. So, I'm looking at a $1600-$1700 trip (About 1.200/900, guessing.)

I will also get to mee in person a friend of seven years, and one of Germany's finest artists (well, I think that she is), TaniDaReal. Hopefully my German lessons will have paid off by then. (Yeah, I know she speaks English, but I figure it would be nice to have a small converstion in German.) I always wanted to see fursuiters in person. And I'll take lots of pictures for you all!

So, yeah, I'm happy as happy can be! :D :D :D *hugs all of you*

24.04.2006, 08:56
Cool Pics Justin!

Boah that's really expensive o.o
That costs an arm and a leg, is that for a flight or the Con registration?

anything spicy
24.04.2006, 18:21
cool room. Its much tidier than mine.
The simba's on the bed look like they've been given an injection somwhere (its all in the startled eyes and eybrows..).
Where did you get the lion king pictures from?

24.04.2006, 19:15
Awesome TSG ^^ I know how exciting it is to finally be able to go somewhere or do something you've wanted to for years.... you'll have an awesome time, I know it :)

26.04.2006, 15:58
<looks at all the pics on the walls>

Oh man, now I'm jelous. That is really cool. :D Nice job.

And congrats on AnthroCon. I'm sure you'll have a good time. I'm sorry I won't be there, wish I was. Do enjoy yourself out here.

The Sonic God
26.04.2006, 23:19
@ Cobalt: Thank you. Why be jealous?

@ Reepacheep: Thanks! Yeah, I've been putting this off for so long. I don't know why that I didn't go sooner.

@ anything_spicy: No, this room is *dirty.* I haven't taken pictures of the floor. ;) The larger TLK plushies are from Toys 'R' Us, the smaller Simba plush is from the Disney store, and the Leopard and Tiger are from Johnny's Toys, all of which I bought in Kentucky and Ohio.

@ Leopatra: I am flying there, but the listed price is the total cost, flight, hotel, Anthrocon supersponsorship, and allowed spending cash.

BTW, I've some additional photos from the new camera, and it's a tour of where I live:


Alex Kile
27.04.2006, 10:16
well Don't feel to bad Sonic about your room. Mine looks like that. (only that its pc stuff rather then apple software.)

The Sonic God
01.05.2006, 04:41
Well, there's a PC in here, but I never use it.

The Tour of Anoka is where I live, BTW, if you want to see lazy American traffic, go take a look. :)

I was basically testing the camera for Anthrocon. I'll bring my laptop with me and see if I can't get internet access in my hotel room to upload photos as I'm there. :)

Of course, this will all be in June, so about five weeks from now.