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anything spicy
27.04.2006, 19:58
Name: Anything Spicy

Species: Lion (Outsider Cub)

Age: 10 months

Name Origin: (script)
hakula: *to Zira* Ok then, Zebra , water buffalo or if not, anything spicy
zira: Excellent you are learning well (has slight look of pride in Hakula, then It fades back to evil)...Now go away and get me something to eat
*In small cave*
Kemu: Its a girl hakula, what shall I name it?
Hakula: (tries to remember food list) lets see Zebra, water buffalo...now what was the other one
Kemu: Don't like Zebra or Water buffalo and 'now what was the other one' isn't special enough
Hakula: thats It! Anything spicy (sprints away)
Kemu: (murmurs) Anything spicy..Anything Spicy. (Looks trumphant and starts shouting) Thats It! I shall call my girl anthing spicy!
*a few lions stare at kemu*
Kemu: (voice dies down) well...er Hakula, do you like the name? (looks around for hakula)

Bio: Anything spicy spent her first few months living in the outlands with her mum Kemu and her aunt Hakula. At five months, she had to run away from th outlands because otherwise she would of been Ziras warrior. She ran to the pride lands and stayed with Kiara and Simba and became friends with Sarafina.