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17.05.2006, 20:27
Hello all!

As most of you know, I as in the last Hundred Reasons video. Well, now its time for the new single, The Perfect Gift!

Have a look at the video, it's awesome (even if I dont feature) ;), I find it quite narrative too.

DOWNLOAD IT (http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.com/?id=dab4c191-53c9-45cf-85c2-676e501f5380&delivery=download)

STREAM IT (http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.com/?id=dab4c191-53c9-45cf-85c2-676e501f5380&delivery=stream)


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The Sonic God
24.05.2006, 03:01
I'm having difficulties playing the video, are there smaller versions available that you know of, Kim?

24.05.2006, 12:43
theres is :)

DOWNLOAD - http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.com/?id=f4f280ce-8fd1-4a4e-9390-3bc05ea66f46&delivery=download

STREAM - http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.com/?id=f4f280ce-8fd1-4a4e-9390-3bc05ea66f46&delivery=stream

these are the smaller versions

The Sonic God
27.05.2006, 01:18
Ah, much better. Excellent video and music, though it's not something that I particularly like, it was well put together.