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anything spicy
23.06.2006, 16:38
For my residential I stayed in a haunted castle. I drank four Coffees a day with 2 sugars in each and I drank about ten drinks of squash before we had to go to bed each night. We did different things each day, like Absailing and orientering. Yesterday we went on a fourteen mile walk to Tintern Abey in Wales.

The food was good and I didn't see any ghosties, but we were told about them today. One of them Is a girl of 12 called Emily who sits on top of a cubbard in one of the rooms. My friend Emily (who is strange) said they should be friends and do mad thing together :lionrolleyes .

On the way back , I spotted about 56 england flags hanging out of windows and three red lion inns.

The Sonic God
01.07.2006, 20:28
Who comes up with the idea of haunted castles, anyway? Humans always like to play mind tricks on one another... it's ridiculous.

anything spicy
09.07.2006, 17:00
I know. about half the people there were going 'ooh, I hope my rooms not haunted' and 'Apparently ghosts can kill you' Its driven me crazy