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The Sonic God
03.08.2006, 03:57
I've been thinking about this thing for a bit, and I was wondering if it would be interesting if this community had its own Podcast on Apple iTunes. I'd be more than willing to setup something like this if anyone would be interested. We could talk about anything, furry, Lion-King or Disney-themed, or just chat about the forum itself. We could even do impersonations, storytelling, and sound clips from our favourite TLK music. We could even host RP Podcasts! I could be the main host and I would invite anyone into the Podcast that has a microphone that would want to contribute to this.

We could produce a pilot or test Podcast and post it here to see what everyone thinks, and whether or not we should continue to do it.

Podcasts could be 30 minutes to an hour long. What do you think?

03.08.2006, 04:51

The Sonic God
03.08.2006, 07:01
Originally posted by Gazelle

Well, instead of just agreeing with me, if you're all for the idea, why not give us some comments or suggestions or anything that you'd like to see?

03.08.2006, 10:41
that would be a fun idea :) not really have any suggestions as of yet but ill give it a thought!

03.08.2006, 22:00
I'm sorry but I am not into this iPod or Mac buisness... what exactely is this Podcast? Is it something similiar to teamspeak?

03.08.2006, 23:49
I like your idea.I dont have any suggestions,but Your idea is super

The Sonic God
04.08.2006, 00:12
Taken from: http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/faq.html

What is Podcasting?
The word ”podcast” is a concatenation of the words iPod and broadcast. The underlying technology used for podcasts, called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is capable of containing any type of media including audio, video, graphics, and more.

Podcasting is a way of publishing podcasts to the web, allowing people to subscribe to a podcast and receive new ”episodes” automatically through an RSS feed. Podcasting consists of publishing XML files which contain references to media (called “enclosures”) to a website. Podcast aggregators (often called “podcatchers”), then read these XML files and download all the linked enclosures.

Unlike terrestrial and Internet radio, podcasts are time-shifted, meaning that listeners have control over when and where they hear their favorite programming. And, the episodes are delivered automatically to a subscriber on iTunes so the latest updates are always readily available with no effort required by the listener.

Podcasts offer iTunes users and iPod owners the same freedom and level of control they are familiar with when listening to their own personal music collections.

12.08.2006, 00:03
I'd be all for the idea. I've had a small bit of experiance doing Podcasts, and I'm already runnign the Windows version of iTues. I'll have to think of some ideas.

Alex Kile
12.08.2006, 14:07
why Don't we do the red lion inn from the beginning. Voicing our own charictors. he he.

12.08.2006, 18:36
That might be a plausable idea....

12.08.2006, 19:26
Good Idea Alex :)

12.08.2006, 19:43
i think also that idea is yery good;)

anything spicy
16.08.2006, 21:33
gud Idea, but child protection and all that so I cant contribute in anything other than text.

The Sonic God
17.08.2006, 08:34
Originally posted by anything spicy
gud Idea, but child protection and all that so I cant contribute in anything other than text.

Just curious as to how many people would subscribe to our Podcast just to listen to RPs? Perhaps if they were read in more of a story manner? I see too many posts in the English RP section that lack a lot of needed detail.

17.08.2006, 14:42
Hmmm TSG do wath do you want (but were all glad that you remembered of idea to make podcast =))

The Sonic God
17.08.2006, 23:17
Well, I'd like it to be a collabourative effort. I wouldn't just want to create something if no one here was really interested.

I could create something and just record myself... thought it would be more of a rant than anything else. I'll just surf through the forums and check it out.

Though if I do make a Podcast, may I borrow the graphic in the upper left-hand corner?

18.08.2006, 01:31
Oh no TSG =).We are all interested in your Idea

18.08.2006, 10:29
Concerning the imiage in the upper right corner it depends on what style you use. In case you mean the general savannah-style (yellow, orange and green) I'd have no problem with that.

I find the idea of reading out RPG Postings rather nice, however I totally agree that there are differences. Some postings are full of details while other are just a few sentences. It all depends on the writer's ability. But maybe you find some other funny things that are worth mentioning. Oh and how long will "one episode" of this podcast last?

18.08.2006, 19:59
I think if you were going to do a "Podcast RPG" you'd almost be best to get as many posters as we can for it then start a whole new storyline/RPG, for sake of variety/continuity.