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07.08.2006, 18:01
my favourite movie that i remember me is: when a stranger calls; last holiday; aaa tokyo drift

and cartoon of courise The Lion King

07.08.2006, 18:05
I moved this to the English speaking section.

My favourite movie is "The Lion King" (of course ;))
However I also like "Balto" or "Shrek" and "Over the hedge".

When it comes to real movies I don't have a favourite one, to be completely honest.
Still the Soundtrack and the story are very important for me.

07.08.2006, 18:13
I like also TLK. :)
And I like Balto(of course)
And I like Tom na Jerry.

As movies go,I like Harry Potter

The Sonic God
07.08.2006, 20:20
Favourite Movies:

1. The Lion King (all)
2. The Matrix Anthologies
3. X-Men Trilogy
4. Men in Black (both)

As far as my favourite TV programmes are concerned... there are far too many to list... and yet I don't watch a lot of TV. ^^

07.08.2006, 20:41
What a question?!?!

Lion King
Lion King
Lion King

My head is full of Lion King. Muhaha I must get out here... :>

The Sonic God
07.08.2006, 20:47
No... please stay? We love you here. :)

And I completely understand your choices. You have incredible taste in movies. :D

10.08.2006, 19:06
s-tlk i think the best movie that you writhe is the first one. ghegheghe

10.08.2006, 19:16
if you mean cartoon movie, then TLK is certainly my fave for that :) though Nightmare Before Christmas (its animated :P) and all dogs go to heaven come close too

and for non-cartoon movie, hmmm, Big Fish is high up, as is Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption and Shaun of the Dead 8)

anything spicy
15.08.2006, 09:39
Spirited Away and the corpse bride

15.08.2006, 09:51
Oh, let's see, ehm...

The Lion King (What a surprise!^^)
South Park - The Movie
Dragonball Z - The Movie
Over the hedge
Ice Age
... and so on... There are enough movies I love.^^

@anything spicy: I want to watch "the corpse bride", too... =)

15.08.2006, 10:01
Dragon ball Z ?

15.08.2006, 10:04
Isn't it a kind of cartoon? Or do you ask me because you don't know it?^^

15.08.2006, 10:17
My favourite movies are:
Lion King
Shrek 2
Ice Age(I think the second part is fun too but not so good as the first one) :)

15.08.2006, 11:27
yeah i like also shrek, but i mean also real movies. like bob the batler thats the comedy;) or action, horors, .......

15.08.2006, 11:42
O.k. except those animations other movies I like very much are:
The fisrt 20 million is the hardest
Second hand lions
I like these movies because they both show you in a funny way exsactly how things in life go without burding your mind and making you sad.

15.09.2006, 17:23
here in bossnia are now working on one movie, and in that movie is richard gir and some others hooliwoods acters. and the name of that movie is "Holiday In Bosnia" but usaually it is not holiday its war.

and he is reporter(richard). i think taht movie will be great.
so when he came i will said that to you all, and then go in video club and take that movie. also i like american pie, charlies angles realy good movie.....:rofl:dino

13.10.2006, 15:13
(sorry for double message)
so here i saw one movie and hes realy great. the name from him is
bob the butler its a commedy!!!!!!!:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl

13.10.2006, 17:54
lets see.I also love Loney tunes back in action =)

The Sonic God
15.10.2006, 18:18
Originally posted by Dark_lion
Dragon ball Z ?

Dragonball Z is an animé program that was quite popular for a time.

20.10.2006, 18:33
i dont like dragon ball z!!!!!

30.10.2006, 12:25
You wouldn't be the only one. What's funny is I actually enjoy the comics. Just for some reason I can't stand watching the anime. Could be because I don't want to wait 23 minutes for them staring at one another or waiting for Son Goku to show up and save the day.

Anyway, back on topic. My favorite movies would have to be
1) The Lion King
2) Indiana Jones trilogy
3) Alien 1
4) Back to The Future
5) Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie

13.11.2006, 21:00
My favourite movies are:
1. "The Lion King"
2. "The Lion King 2-Simba's Pride"
3. "Born Free"
4. "Balto"
5. "The Net" with Sandra Bullock

13.11.2006, 21:33
My fave animated movie is:

drummroll please :P

The Lion King :D

And for non animated movies:


02.01.2007, 17:01
My fav cartoons are:

The Lion King 1, 2, 3

Ninja Turtles

and Ben10

My fav movie:

Alien vs. Predator

09.02.2007, 19:00
Favorite movie (atm) that I can relate to would have to be Sin City, mostly for it's dark storyline and the fact it was made to look like the comic.

And The Batman for cartoons. I've been into batman stuff since I was a toddler and they've finally made a descently animated series of it that doesn't suck.

I go through genre phases. So choosing all-time favs is impossible.

09.02.2007, 19:13
Favorite movie eh? I'd have to say "Sometimes in April". As for animated movies, definately TLK and TLK: Simba's Pride.

And for cartoons, Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai right now.

09.02.2007, 20:01
Favourite movie... erm, let's see

The Lion King (Surprise, surprise!)
Last Samurai
Briget Jones
South Park

I also like Mr Bean, but its not so good as Southpark and so on! :)

12.06.2007, 04:09
Hmmm, let's seet.

For Cartoons:

The Lion King
All Dogs Go to Heaven
An American Tail
Kimba the White Lion A.K.A. Jungle Emperor (This one is close to my heart, since it was the first cartoon I really saw and understood).


Anything with Jim Kerry especially Ace Ventura Animal Detective
The Exercist
Pirates of the Caribbean

Lone Lion
13.06.2007, 14:14
My favourite movies are

Star Wars 1-6
Hook (Peter pan)
Blues Brothers

TLK - My No1
TLK 2 and TLK 1/2
Peter Pan
Peter Pan return to the Neverland
Scooby doo series
Star wars clone wars

03.09.2007, 08:48
my fav movie of all time is lion king of course :)
oh and balto was kick ass woo!
for real movies i guess starwars 1-6
harry potter

my fav cartoon/anime is naruto right now im also a big fan of .hack stuff anime games etc idk why put im vert addicted to it

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
29.08.2008, 22:11
I Like Dark Wing Duck And Goof Troop As Well As The Animated Version Of Batman Too!