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12.08.2006, 17:44
Okay, so first off I have to thank two buddies of mine from Furtopia.org for pointing me at this place, but <drum roll>......

I'm finally back with an animal sanctuary and working around large cats again :D

I started a few weeks back volunteering with the "Ellijay Wildlife Rehab. Sanctuary" in Ellijay, Ga (Think like *way* north Ga. up in the mountains.)

I'm working around an pretty good assortment of wildlife, almost all of it native to the state, or surrounding areas (We have a few exceptions, but only a few.)

One of the cool parts is that I'm working with Cougars(Mountain Lions/Pumas). Okay, so it's not lions but it's the next best thing. We have some Eastern COugars, and there's only 40-50 of these things left in the world. We have 3 of them. We also have some Bobcats, which I've never worked around, but I'm finding I like pretty well. We've got a few Bears, a Lynx, some Raccoons and a bunch of Deer to round the place out as well. Fun stuff.

Best part? I have pictures! (http://pics.livejournal.com/cobalt317/gallery/00002xbe)

13.08.2006, 03:09
I remember you and I spending evenings before your move surfing the net looking for reserves and sanctuaries in Georgia and Alabama (that took care of animals other than birds). I'm so glad that you were able to find a place relatively close to you and can hardly wait to visit it myself for one of the tours.

Just wanted to contribute a couple of other pics that you sent to me from your work there: here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/grumpieone/the%20Savannah/100_0240.jpg) and here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/grumpieone/the%20Savannah/100_0229.jpg).

13.08.2006, 08:35
Great congratulations, Cobalt.
I'm sure you'll find this very exciting.
Thank you for letting us know and taking some pictures. They are really interesting,

Good luck :)

13.08.2006, 11:35
Like Kirauni said congratulations, Cobalt.

Thanks for pictures.They are great =)

13.08.2006, 15:40
wow, how cool :)

The Sonic God
16.08.2006, 03:52
Originally posted by Reepacheep
wow, how cool :)

Indeed... I am now jealous of yet another friend who actually can get into contact with big cats! *cries*

One of these days I will finally get into contact with one...

17.08.2006, 17:32
Well you'll just have to get down here and take a tour sometime, right? :P

The Sonic God
17.08.2006, 22:20
*adds to the endless list of travelling opportunities*

We shall see, Cobalt. In fact, I might think of it as a good idea, just to gain some experience so that Simba1PDX and I can get our own cat sanctuary together.