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17.08.2006, 14:12
- what kind of sport do you play and like

''''''''i play guitar and i dance. but i realy like football and table tennis

17.08.2006, 14:38
I train and like basketball (you know that ;))

And I like swiming.

I also like fotball

17.08.2006, 14:39
yeah i forget to say i also like swimm im good swimmer.

17.08.2006, 14:47
but not better than me =)

17.08.2006, 14:48
of course im not. you train swimming. but im better in table tennis :=

The Sonic God
17.08.2006, 23:42
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If playing guitar is a sport, then it's no wonder that there are so many hard rock bands out there.

I myself am terrible at sports. If I had to choose, I'd say poker or golf.

18.08.2006, 10:18
Thank you, TSG :)

Well considering sports I'm not good at them either. Sometimes I like hiking quite much and I play volleyball occasionally. But overall I'm rather a "couch potatoe" ;)

anything spicy
18.08.2006, 19:47
I like swimming nad, if its a sport, playing the guitar

18.08.2006, 19:53
I suppose for me it depends if you want to count target shooting as a "sport"

19.08.2006, 00:23
Hmm youre not sports guys :rolleyes:

19.08.2006, 21:58
Hm... I play and like Tennis ... and I like swimming. yeah... hm... and football... but I am a terrible footballplayer =)

31.08.2006, 15:00
im very talented like sport men how to say??:dino i think so is good.

Alex Kile
08.09.2006, 09:14
I used to race Radio controled cars.

08.09.2006, 18:07
wow. and who like paintbaal its realy interresting!!!:)

08.09.2006, 20:06
Hey nice Idea.To bad we cant try it but hope is always there :D

09.09.2006, 16:31
yeah. but im hoping i will try it when i go on a holiday again.