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18.08.2006, 20:42
my favourite book is harry poteer ;) very interesting

18.08.2006, 20:49
My favourite book is Cujo from Stephen King. A wonderful horror, I must say, very shocking. I read it two times.

18.08.2006, 20:56
My favorite book is "The Sight" from David Clement-Davies.

18.08.2006, 22:07
my also favourite book is Harry Potter

18.08.2006, 22:10
Originally posted by Kaia
My favourite book is Cujo from Stephen King. A wonderful horror, I must say, very shocking. I read it two times.

Stephen King- The Stand. I've read it overall 4 times, and it's the only book that I ever read back-to-back.

19.08.2006, 13:04
Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers and Emo by Andy Greenwald.

The Melancholy Death of Oysterboy by Tim Burton

And most books by Nick Hornby/Danny Wallace/Dave Gorman/Michael Moore

Alex Kile
08.09.2006, 08:17
Born free By Joy Adems

05.08.2007, 19:56
My favourite books are "Born Free" by Joy Adamson,"A Lion called Christian", "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie & "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".

05.08.2007, 21:31
My favorite book is "the phantom" by Susan Kay.

Lone Lion
10.08.2007, 23:55
All of Harry Potter & Lord of the rings books are my favourite.

11.08.2007, 10:21
Original von SilverWolf
My favorite book is "The Sight" from David Clement-Davies.

I'm reading "Firebringer" from David Clement-Davies now (for the 3rd time or so).
It's a really great book, besides Harry Potter.

11.08.2007, 13:10
Originally posted by Cobalt
Stephen King- The Stand.
Yeeaah! I love The Stand! Its soo cool! *fav* :lioninlove

10.10.2007, 22:14
my favorite book as a child was Nero Corleone by Elke Heidenreich

and right now.. I dunno I dont read much anymore xD;

12.10.2007, 17:06
my favourite book is 'White Fang' by Jack Londen very interesting tale of a wolf

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
05.09.2008, 21:16
My Favorite Book Is TLK II! And "Born Free" By Joy Adamson!

06.09.2008, 08:18
Oh yes! That's really a great book to read :)

Currently, I'm reading the books of "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunt, "Firestar's Quest" to be more precisely.
It's vers interesting to read a novel about cats in the wild and what adventures they have to go through, however the whole story about the Warrior Cats- Universe is a bit fantastic but I like it :)

And since the book has not been translated to German yet, I'm reading the original English version. There will be a translation soon, but I doubt it will be as good as the English one. I mean orignals are usually the best :D

Saber Tooth Leopardess816
08.09.2008, 22:49
Sounds Like A Good One Kirauni! I Hope You Enjoy It!
The Book I Wana Read Is Called "Life Of Pi" By Yann Martel.

24.09.2008, 22:27
my favorite book is Mattimeo by Brian Jaques , it was the first redwall boook i read and im woking on the first 2 which are Redwall and Mosflower I LOVE REDWALL BOOKS

25.09.2008, 07:46
Hi there :)

Yes, I enjoyed reading the Redwall-series, too. However not all of the books were published where I come from and I was never able to read all of them. But they are very nice to read. The first 3 books are my favorite ones. Meaning the story of Matthias and Mattimeo.

25.09.2008, 11:56
I think it would be Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy (Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife & The Amber Spyglass) for me. ^^ I just thought his idea of having a persons soul separate and represented by an animal, known as Dæmons, was just so cool. ^^

Though I have to admit I didn’t read them until after The Golden Compass, the movie adaptation of Northern Lights. But I was delighted to find the books far more enjoyable.

I too enjoyed the Harry Potter series. And those I did read before each film. Many times.

25.09.2008, 18:42
I totally agree with you, Albus!
I've read the triology as well, but I actually had read them bye the time the movie came out. Therefore I was a little bit disapointed in how the movie turned out, but I enjoyed the animation of the "demons".
I really like the idea of having a personal demon and I think the story was quite capturing. I was not able to put the books down until the very end.

And yes, I also enjoyed reading Harry Potter. And just like with "His dark Materials" I only read them in English.

Currently, I'm reading the Chronicles of Earthsea Quartet (also in English) by Ursula K Le Guin

It consits of "A Wizard Of Earthsea"; "The Tombs of Atuan"; "The Farthest Shore"; "Tehanu"

And it's the bookd the Ghibli Movie "Chronicles of Earthsea" is based on.

Now that I've finally passed my last exam I'll have some time for fruther reading! Yay :lionhappy

01.12.2008, 14:22
hmm my favourite book is "Das Kleine Ich bin Ich" I really don't know if that exists in English too....

My Harry Potter Fav is the 4th book: ... & The Goblet of Fire....

05.12.2008, 13:48
Oh lord I have so many favorites. One of them though is the Age of Fire series by E.E. Knight. They're about the best dragon books I ever read.