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White Lion
03.09.2006, 20:55
Well Cobalt, Crimson Fox and I are here at the Mephit Furr meet in Memphis, Tennesse and wanted to say hello to everyone. We are having a great time and are currently hanging out in the main lobby with a lot of other furs. We are taking lots of pictures and will definatly put them online. :D

04.09.2006, 19:06
Hey guys thanks for letting us know =) =).Have a great time

The Sonic God
06.09.2006, 07:05
Make sure to let Timduru know about the MFM pictures. He's got a service dedicated to furry pictures from cons.

10.09.2006, 21:42
Yes, yes...I know. It's been like week since MFM ended, but I've been scarce online for the past week getting caught back up in "real life"

Anyway, here's a few pics from MFM.

(Thanks to WhiteLion for the photo work)
----> Click me! <---- (http://pics.livejournal.com/cobalt317/gallery/00001be0)

EDIT: TSG, Pics were submitted to Timduru at Fursuit.org

The Sonic God
13.09.2006, 03:00
Woah! I just met Aerak at the MNFurs Picnic! ^^ Those pics are soooo cool! :D

Thanks for sharing them with us, Cobalt!

14.09.2006, 00:58
No prob. Interesting that you've met some of the same suiters I have. It'll be cool to see who's who at Midwest Furfest this November.

The Sonic God
14.09.2006, 03:18
I so wish that I could go, but as it stands right now, I'm at a 1-con-per-year budget. X_X

Its me Kotaki
21.09.2006, 18:18
Yeah suuuuuure dont mention me being there. :) I keep forgetting i need to send you all the pictures i got... even though they didnt turn out great. Ohh ohh and at somepoint i will get the videos that were taken, im sure some will get a kick out of that.

so TSG what con do you go to?

23.09.2006, 01:48
Hmmm...Kotaki...Kotaki...<thinks> Nope Don't recall anyone by that name. ;)


The Sonic God
26.09.2006, 01:02
Anthrocon. And at this rate, it will be the only con I go to. Going to cons is expensive.

Alex Kile
26.09.2006, 11:48
I dream of going to a con but money is a bit short. for me to go to one i would have to pay air fair to the states and on top of that the cost of the con. One day one day.

Its me Kotaki
26.09.2006, 16:44
Yes cons cost a lot of money... MFM tapped me for abour 1300 dollars between travel and "drinks" and con admission :)

The Sonic God
28.09.2006, 01:48
People travel all around the world for these conventions and because of that, the furry lifestyle represents a form of unity that is virtually unknown to the general population. Furry unity is a wonderful thing.