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The Sonic God
04.09.2006, 23:46
Professional herpatologist and conservationalist Steve Irwin, a.k.a. "The Crocodile Hunter," died recently from a fatal injury to the heart from the barb of a stingray whilst doing a documentary in the oceans surrounding Australia. He is survived by his wife Terri Irwin and his two children.

On behalf of The Savannah, The Lion King: United Nations, The Furry Forum, and The Ultimate Gamers Community, we give our heart-felt condolences to the family of Steve Irwin, and all of his co-workers at the Australia Zoo.

He will be sorely missed.


Steve Irwin

05.09.2006, 09:20
Yes, indeed it was an awfuly tragedy and a way one least expected.
My humble condolences go to his wife and children as well as to his animals he cared for.

For more information on this accident you can also check out the following articles:



Alex Kile
06.09.2006, 11:00
Though he was crazy what he did with snakes and other things. He was a example of what one person could mean to the wold if thay beleved in them selfs. He will be missed.

06.09.2006, 18:32
What ???.He died :( :( :( :(.

Im soooooooooo sad now.He was my favourite guy and I always watched his shows.Im so sad....

He will be missed,but He will be in my heart as a great men of all time

06.09.2006, 19:58
yes and finly i heard the all story how he died. i dont know how on english the name of that fish. he was on one documentation movie, and in the see. ohh sad....................... ?(

Alex Kile
07.09.2006, 12:54
red lion the fish you are talking about was a sting ray. unfoutnetly you poeple from oversea only realy saw one side of Steve. He realy was more then what you saw on his shows.

07.09.2006, 18:27
And alex do you ever meet him because your from australia and he is also??????

Alex Kile
08.09.2006, 07:43
No Unfoutunetly I haven't

Alex Kile
08.09.2006, 08:24
One thing that he used to do was on tv send him self up ( or make fun of himself) by jumping on fake crocadiles and doing inprestions of him self

The Sonic God
14.09.2006, 03:22
That man is a pioneer of his field...

14.09.2006, 10:46
have you heard now that people are going around killing stingrays to avenge his death? how stupid.

Alex Kile
15.09.2006, 06:02
There will be a public mamorial service for steve this Wendsday queensland time. Please cheack for loacal times for live or recorded brawdcasting. If you want to pay your respets

15.09.2006, 08:58
what time, queensland time?

Alex Kile
15.09.2006, 12:11
I think it's roughly +10 hours gmt

15.09.2006, 14:21
but you havent stated what time the actual service is to be held! thats what i was getting at ;) you just said wednesday.

15.09.2006, 17:00
i read in wespeper one information about steven irwin:
a lot of sting rays was ben killed because its revange of hes dead.....
its unbelive!!!!!!!!!!!!

15.09.2006, 18:06
i said that a few posts ago ;)

but yeah it is sad. its like a sick vigilante mission.

15.09.2006, 18:07
But why do they do that ?.I mean .....