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Alex Kile
08.09.2006, 07:50
We have had another Austrlian legend pass away.

Peter Brock 9 times Batherst 1000 winner has been killed in a race accedent In wasten Australia.

Peter was on the same level as Steve Erwin in the hearts of his fellow countrymen.

He won batherst 9 times. The king of the mounton has died

The lion sleeps tonight.

08.09.2006, 15:13
What.Another dead.....

Im sorry :(

Alex Kile
08.09.2006, 15:47
he was killed in a road accident in a tarmac rally When his car hit a tree

08.09.2006, 17:05
oh my god. that isnt true. i realy cant belive, there always some deads in australia. wow..... its so sad :(

The Sonic God
13.09.2006, 03:15
What did Australia do to deserve this?

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