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29.09.2006, 19:25
!!!emmm food!!! njam njam:)

i realy like to eat, im not fet but.
whats your favourite food, what kind of food do you like, do you can to make....????

i realy like cakes, spageti, bosnian pie, pancakes i also can make pancakes, also eeee i can make eggs....!!!!

and what is with others lions, lioness, wolfs, cats, monkeys.....??????


30.09.2006, 00:05
Well, I love my food too! And Im not fat either - if anything Im losing weight.

I dont eat meat, though I eat fish - it makes me mostly vegetarian, but if you want to get pedantic, I am a pescatarian.

I love noodles, I could eat chinese food anytime, anywhere. I also love curry, especially if its a king prawn makhani, or it contains potato.

I can make pretty much anything I ever want to eat, be it simple pasta, to more complex dishes like making my own curry or whatever. I'd say I am a very good cook. Two days ago I made gucamole from scratch, and it was the tastiest thing ever ^^. I am a dab hand at making veggie dishes, substituting meat for either veggies (i make kick ass burgers using hue portabello mushrooms as the patty) or faux meat, like quorn or veggie mince.

A major food group I could not live without is cheese ;) I loooooooove the stuff!

30.09.2006, 12:57
uh i love also cheese, cheeseburger too!!!njam njam

and did anyone eat chinese food???i never eat it!! and how are chinese food looking??????:) when someone know?

30.09.2006, 18:03
hehe You watched chinese food on The TV =).And your eggs are super too :D