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22.10.2006, 16:43
hy guys!!!!!
hows going???

Here is question. On wihch college would you like to go??or on wihch are you going....(what do you want to study):):):):rofl:dino

****im 14 years old so i of courise dont go on college...., but i would like to go on stomatology!!!!i think stomatology is on english(es ist doctor fur zene):):):):rofl:dino

23.10.2006, 16:45
Been there, done that ;)

I went to college and studied Maths, Biology Chemistry and IT. I wanted to be a vet, but couldnt be bothered, so I dropped maths after a year.

I then went to university where I studied for a Zoology BScHons (bachelor of science with honours). It's basically biology but supposedly more centred towards animals. Graduated last year.

So yah, been through the whole collage lark ;)

24.10.2006, 06:45
Did it once, getting ready to do it again.

I got my Associates degree in Applied Sciences (read: bloody useless) back when I thought I was going to be working in vet sciences. We all see how well that worked out. >.>

After that I started working on JAVA and C++ Programming while minoring in PC Tech/Hardware support. I figured out that I enjoyed computers more as a hobby an dropped the whole thing half-way through while I took some time off before I started doing Emergency Medical/Paramedic classes.

Now, several years later, I'm etting ready to try again, this time working on a degree as a BSN (Bachelors of Science-Nursing)

I figure it's either a thing of A) Hope springs eternal, or B) I'm too foolish to know when to quit at it. :p

24.10.2006, 10:22
i think the problem is, you have to start on your chosen career path far too early - who in reality REALLY knows what they want to do when theyre 13? its certainly not that same thing as what i want to do now!

hey colbalt, good luck!

30.10.2006, 12:15
Well, I used to think othat being a chemist is good. But now after graduating from the Industrial Chemistry course, I'm starting to regret my choice very much. I would definitely suggest that you shouldn't rush into any decisions iand do your research carefully.

Btw, Cobalt, good luck with that. Wish I had your persistence though. I don't really want to waste another 3 to 4 years studying. Besides, my parents were really against me resitting for a brand new course.